X: Rebirth Is Gonna Release! Now Here’s What I Hope For

First, before you read any further, you should have checked out the new trailer and videos on the official X Universe Channel. Yes, it has a release date set for this year and this planet, but America is getting it after everybody else. 😦 xD I’m kidding it’s just a few days. Oh wait, that’s like five more Guild Wars levels. Oh man we’re getting screwed dangit Germany! It’s in November sometime. Look it up. If I touch Google I’ll naturally type in “icanhascheezburger”, and this article will never go beyond the draft stage. Continue reading


Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Chapter Eleven

Just a quick note: I will be switching the release of new episodes to Sundays, as I’m lazy and that will give me more free time to write. Anyways, many of you probably have the weekends off from work or whatever, so you can read it right when it comes out.


This time, I manage to avoid detonating in space from rapidly expanding solar plant modules, or more likely in this case, to detonate in space from metal spaghetti ending up all over the flippin’ place.

I placed the hub correctly this time, and everything else was perfectly placed, for that matter.

And then I repeat it, making a nice, symmetrical complex, with the hub positioned in a manner which would minimize Discoverers running into everything, and more importantly (although less frequently) freighters running into everything. Continue reading

Dog Builds an Empire: Albion Prelude Chapter Eight

I’m sorry for this coming THREE DAYS LATE. I’ve been real sick, but now I’m back to continue the series.

Also, I had some really cool screenshots of this, but they probably won’t be uploaded, at least for a little while, as I’ve switched PCs.


I like SETA quite a bit. I had to endure not having SETA while my Heavy Centaur’s autopilot starts flying loops around a shipyard docking bay. Very. Slowly. But that was last chapter.

The Argon plot requires that the player “help with the war effort”. That sounds fun. Continue reading

Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Chapter Seven


It takes several jumps to return home, as a Discoverer doesn’t have that much cargo space. It’s literally meant to “Discover”, not “Travel”. The manufacturers wanted to make sure you saw everything in between your beginning and your destination. Continue reading

DERP Guides: X3 Albion Prelude Stock Trading

[VERSION 1.4.5]

So, you’ve made a few credits, and you want to start doing some BIG trading, with thousands or millions of credits hanging on every trade. You want to start investing in the companies and commodities that are traded in your local or foreign Stock Exchange. Continue reading

Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude

I’ve always been a fan of the X series of games, because they’re the only games of the space trader genre (besides EVE) that really allow you to start out as a lone pilot and eventually build a literal empire. Continue reading