[Episode 6] FTL: Like if You Die Everytime

Welcome back readers! The first episode can be found here and the previous episode here.

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The Random Chat Special ft. blh

This is a chat on Steam with my friend blh while I was playing first TF2 and then later Wakfu. My name was “DO YOU EVEN HIGHWAY BRUH” at the time but I edited to “Dog G6”, which is my normal Steam name. Enjoy.

Also thanks to Brooks, my friend, for programming the program that auto-colors text based on username at the start of a line. Continue reading

Introducing Dogcasting!

First, let me apologize, I had a plan to give you guys previews of all my series plus some extra original articles just for the occasion *takes a breath* on Christmas. But, I didn’t because of things, so I’m going to be doing it for the end of the year, starting today. There will be an index article to archive all of these posts. Continue reading