Discord (Voice/Text Chat Service) Review

Some Opening Notes

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It has.

But we’re back, just a few days after DHGB’s fifth anniversary, and we’re here to show off a newer service for games, specifically useful for groups. It’s the newer big entry in the VoIP market, and that is Discord. Continue reading


Design Defense: X Rebirth as an X game

Awesome Intro

This time, I’m going into a big minefield. I’m liable to maybe piss everyone off here, or maybe not. This is a very wide topic, and a tougher one, and probably my views will legit piss everyone off, which is a big plus (I’m kidding hold your sea shanties)

Design Defense is essentially me looking at things that people are on the edge of the fence about — or just on edge about — and trying to find a reasonable counter argument to their concerns, if there is one even to be found. This does not always mean I agree with the defense, I’m just trying to find an opposing possible opinion so people can see the other side.

Before I start, I’ve said many times before that I’ve been a player since X2. This was actually incorrect, I did actually play X:BTF, I just don’t remember it all that well (which if you want to get technical, is pretty similar to not having played it). X2 I remember much better, such as cockpits and Kha’ak (and Kha’akpits. Eh? Eh?) Continue reading

Space Engine: Gotta See All Dem SHINY THINGZ!

I recently found an amazing piece of tech, which is giving me quite a bit of fun, called Space Engine. It essentially simulates an entire universe, using real data where it can, and procedurally generating content everywhere else. It looks amazing on high settings, and, just like the real universe, is silly massive. There’s billions of galaxies, each galaxy with trillions or billions of stars, most stars have planets, comets and asteroids orbiting them, those planets have moons around them, and all of those things you can go down to the very surface and explore in Continue reading

Dog Read Ender’s Game (A Gamer’s Perspective)

A year ago I had found Ender’s Game in a used book shop. So I bought it.

I didn’t start reading it, however, until a few days ago, and I thought I should read the original before I went and saw the movie.

Ender’s game is about the story of a kid who plays Sins of a Solar Empire and Laser Tag, so for me it’s a story I can really relate to. (‘cept he got to play zero-G laser tag with locational damage, lucky). I don’t know how Orson Scott Card knew about SoSE in the ’80’s, but it’s a pretty good story (really, like you thought I was gonna say it wasnt). Continue reading

Dog’s Take on X-Rebirth

I’ve been quiet lately, after the appearance of X: Rebirth earlier this month. I’ve been playing it heavily, and am here to give you my opinion on the game, its current state, and what it means for both the future of the franchise, and EgoSoft. I am going to tell you what has been done with the game, what will be done and what I’d like to be done.

Also, being that there’s so many things to touch on in this complex game, and with all the new patches, I may update this review from time to time. Leave feedback in the comments and I’ll look into and address stuff.

Continue reading