The Lonely Mesmer #1: Heart of Thorns Beta Preview

“The land was eclipsed in flames. Roots, cliffs and remnants of ships burned as one. The lone man looked up at this, all of this, and he whispered under his breath; “Damn. I just wanted pistol/pistol to get a buff.” — 101 Reasons to Travel Dolyak, Aetherieus, 1328 AE

Welcome to The Lonely Mesmer, me and Chris’ newer Guild Wars 2 article series that covers, well, whatever we feel like covering about GW2.


Today I feel like covering the closed beta/stress test sessions from the 26th, with impressions on the specific beta itself as well as thoughts overall on its relation to HoT. I’m not trying to be overly negative, nor too positively biased, so if you came here for rants, I will disappoint you. Being that this is also the introduction article to The Lonely Mesmer (which was not my original intent), I will also be introducing our fictional comedy persona, Rebecca Blindspam. Continue reading


RuneScape Combat Update: Playerbase Paradox

As I’m sure most RuneScape players know, the Combat Evolved Beta has taken off, and anyone who was accepted in can play it on the designated servers. Members are also able to play it on weekends.

NOTE: I now have a new post up about the new update where I take a look at the beta. Read it here

Now, there Continue reading

Lost Planet 3: Details

Ok, theres no co-op. Not so excited. It’s going to be more similar to the first game, where there’s a single player campaign. you’ll be playing as Jim, a NEVEC colonist and miner. The game will be played in an open world and you can talk to NPCs. Fun. This basically translates to “3rd person Fallout 3 in an ice age with giant aliens and mining stuff.” Continue reading

Eve, AO and Planetside 2

Hello once again readers of my very inconsistent blog. I’m hoping to play some Eve Online soon. I used to play it a long time ago, but never did that much in it. Probably gonna play Gellante. Also, I’ve signed up for the Planetside 2 closed beta, and no, I haven’t played the original (but I want to) but I’m pretty excited for it. Still been playing AO. My flash drive got screwed up so I’m using my backup 2 GB one but it won’t fit the patches so I have to copy the game over to whatever PC I’m using everytime I play. My fixer is level 15 now. Also, I did some agency missions for Omni-Tek, and one of the ones I keep getting is the Mutant Domain Eremite mission. The first time I tried to do it, I wasn’t actually attacking the eremites because I assumed I would actually see them pop out of the ground. The second time I got it I used tab to target them. I was expecting some small little bug and then all of the sudden a giant alien catipillar of doom that would look right at home in Lost Planet 2  flew out of the ground. It started beating my face in so I ran off. When I get my computer (I know this “gonna get a PC next century” stuff is getting a little old) I’m going to start an animated webseries based off of Anarchy Online — and yes I know they already kind of did that. I’m going to have the eremites in it where they chase the main character and when he/she tries to jump through the Woompah the eremite will smash down on the notum plant thing next to the Woompah that leads to Omni-Entertainment, making a huge explosion.

Hey, please leave some comments readers! Tell me what you think about AO, Planetside (2), Eve or really anything to do with games. Hey, good idea! Tell me some of your Eve or AO stories!