(Part 1) Dog “Mines” His Own Business in Fallout: New Vegas


I may not have screenshots for a bit, because I started taking screenshots a little further into the game.


A tall, blond and confident man with a varmint rifle on his back walks into the saloon. He has shades and a black cowboy hat, with light metal armor protecting his body, and a laser pistol on one side of his belt, with a 10mm pistol on the other. Just to avoid confusion, I’m that dude… so yeah… Continue reading


Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Chapter Ten


I pew pew at more Terrans and ATF ships. As such, I’m not a very high ranking person with them, as they really don’t appreciate my pew pew pew. Continue reading

Coming Soon: Dog Makes Vendettas in DayZ

I’ve been playing ArmA II lately, as I love combat sims, and of course, DayZ was the one mod I really had to get. I wasn’t thinking of it, but my friend recommended that I do a journal of me getting killed, and possibly killing, in DayZ. I have it installed, but haven’t played it yet. Continue reading

Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Chapter Three

This is the third part of my Dog Plays X3AP series. For all parts, go to the bottom of the article.


My first Sector Trader, Trader Jo, has already gained a few levels. He is becoming more experienced, as he’s been making a good amount of profit in both Ore Belt and Home of Light. I’ve been staying around the same area, making profit between Ore Belt and Home of Light, and when the demand of ore has been fulfilled, I’ve switched to Cahoona sector trading in Home of Light. Continue reading

Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude

I’ve always been a fan of the X series of games, because they’re the only games of the space trader genre (besides EVE) that really allow you to start out as a lone pilot and eventually build a literal empire. Continue reading