Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Chapter Eleven

Just a quick note: I will be switching the release of new episodes to Sundays, as I’m lazy and that will give me more free time to write. Anyways, many of you probably have the weekends off from work or whatever, so you can read it right when it comes out.


This time, I manage to avoid detonating in space from rapidly expanding solar plant modules, or more likely in this case, to detonate in space from metal spaghetti ending up all over the flippin’ place.

I placed the hub correctly this time, and everything else was perfectly placed, for that matter.

And then I repeat it, making a nice, symmetrical complex, with the hub positioned in a manner which would minimize Discoverers running into everything, and more importantly (although less frequently) freighters running into everything. Continue reading


Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Chapter Nine


Actually, I had forgot that it was for a mission where you have to escort a Mammoth. Minor detail, not that exciting. I escorted it. Giant toilet roll of doom showed up. That’s the exciting part. I also believe I might have forgotten the mission about spying, but really, that was really boring as heck, and you guys will know what happens in that mission anyways most likely. You follow a ship. That’s pretty much what these early (maybe all of them?) story missions come down to. Really, you know it’s boring since I forgot it. Continue reading

Dog’s Pokémon Crystal Adventures: Part 6

This is the sixth part of my Pokémon Crystal Journal. You can read the first part here and the fifth part here. In the last part, we battled Judge Judy, traveled through a dark forest that was dark enough to make me question my gamma settings, got another egg, hatched my first egg, and entered Goldenrod city.
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Dog’s Pokémon Crystal Adventures: Part 5

This is the fifth part of my Pokémon Crystal journal. You can read the first part here, and the fourth part here. In the last episode, we went through caves, finally returned to the Grass Patch of Legends and caught a Growlithe, named him Gruffles, saved the Slowpokes from Team Rocket, and beat the Azalea Town Gym.
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Dog Plays RunesScape! Part 14

I’ve been mining iron ore for a friend so he can mass produce steel stuff, and he needs about 1,000 iron ore. I already have approximately 100, so I’m a tenth of the way there. To make myself more effective and transporting ore to the bank, I’m going to train Agility up. Continue reading