The Lonely Mesmer #1: Heart of Thorns Beta Preview

“The land was eclipsed in flames. Roots, cliffs and remnants of ships burned as one. The lone man looked up at this, all of this, and he whispered under his breath; “Damn. I just wanted pistol/pistol to get a buff.” — 101 Reasons to Travel Dolyak, Aetherieus, 1328 AE

Welcome to The Lonely Mesmer, me and Chris’ newer Guild Wars 2 article series that covers, well, whatever we feel like covering about GW2.


Today I feel like covering the closed beta/stress test sessions from the 26th, with impressions on the specific beta itself as well as thoughts overall on its relation to HoT. I’m not trying to be overly negative, nor too positively biased, so if you came here for rants, I will disappoint you. Being that this is also the introduction article to The Lonely Mesmer (which was not my original intent), I will also be introducing our fictional comedy persona, Rebecca Blindspam. Continue reading


This Week with Dog (Week of 1/26/2015)

Welcome back to This Week with Dog! You can read the first week here.

Portal and Fangirls

I reinstalled Portal 2, because it’s awesome, and I finally found a new friend to play it with. He’s a co-streamer and officer for Dogcasting.

We were playing community made maps, and he mentioned that whatever we were trying to accomplish could only go “one direction”. I said “aahhh so you’re a fangirl”. He ignored this completely. I kept going on with dumb jokes, and the peeps watching the stream of it were laughing quite a bit at this. Continue reading

Dog Returns to Guild Wars 2

I’ve returned to good old Guild Wars 2, and IT’S AMAZING. I heard that menu music again and was like “dayum I ‘member that”. Also, I’ve always wanted to go the Maguuma Wastes due to how cool it looks on the world map. Dream completed.


I’d also like to recommend Bog Otter’s Boomerang series. It’s really concise and helpful for knowing what you’ve missed when returning to the game.

Upcoming Guild Wars 2 Articles

Guild Wars 2 has been something I’ve been meaning to write about for a long time now. Even though I’ve played MMOs for years and years, GW2 is the first one I’ve reached level cap in, and is most likely pretty close to being the one I’ve put the most hours into, even over Myth War.

I was going to do an article regarding me capping the same week that I did that, but instead it sorta turned into a larger multi-article that I stopped working on in favour of my multiple journal series. I’m going to divide the uber-article into specialized articles, and do some other articles, possibly guides and journals, maybe even a comic series.

I also wanted to get back into the short quick blog updates again, although not quite as short as my Anarchy Online ones probably. This would be a great game to do it in, with the bi-weekly updates and just generally the massive amounts of content that it packs.

So I hope you’ll return for those, and tell your friends.