Happy New Year’s! Here’s What Dog is Planning!

Just wanted to say, happy New Year’s, people of 2015. We are now in the future. Now we wait for news on the new Mass Effect.

That is all.

Nah kidding, I’m going to show the lineup of new series that will be coming to DHGB! Continue reading


Dog’s Summer

Well, my ESO guild is at 130 members, been staying busy with that. I’ve also been having fun with the Steam sales, and the Summer Sale is still on full thrust, so GOTTA GET DEM GAMEZ. Got the Civ 5 collection, and been playing Just Cause 2 and the multiplayer mod for it as well. I also spent time Continue reading

[TES Lore] Lorekhan #2: The Imperial City and the Empire [Part 1]

Welcome again to another punishingly named chapter in our Elder Scrolls lore series. Last week, we talked about the Elder Scrolls themselves. This week, we’ll be looking at the history of the Imperial City and the White-Gold Tower, and its significance throughout the eras.

The Imperial City is a circular city which is built on an isle in Lake Rumare, with the White-Gold Tower Continue reading

[TES Lore] Lorekhan #1: The Elder Scrolls

Welcome to my new lore series for Elder Scrolls. I’m going to be taking my abilities at lazily but efficiently explaining mechanics and ideas while throwing in a bunch of really dumb humor, and combining it with my nerdiness about Elder Scrolls and its lore. Also, yes, the actual name of the series is a geeky/nerdy Elder Scrolls lore pun. I’m da baws.

This lore series will hopefully teach you the very insanely rich lore of the Elder Scrolls world in an entertaining manner, and allow you to out-nerd your friends whenever you sit down to play a single player TES game and/or ESO with them.



So the title doesn’t confuse you, seem redundant, and imply that I’m covering all lore in one article, I’m just going to make this clear that this first chapter is actually about the titular Elder Scrolls themselves. Continue reading

Dog Returns to Anarchy Online

About two years ago, I was playing Anarchy Online, doing three-sentence journals on it. Thirty seconds ago, I installed and patched it on my current rig, and I’m about to hit play.

You know where this is going, yes, more journal series for me to be lazy with, ToME, GW2 and X Rebirth stuff are in the works currently as the top priorty projects, and these AO journals will be more “full” entries this time, and guides possibly.

2014 may even be the year the new engine finally comes out, as it’s actually in a somewhat working capacity and is being beta-tested. That’s always exciting, and I’m also hoping that since the servers have been merged since I last played, and with some YouTubers starting new series’ on AO, the game might be a bit more busy.

I’ll give you my character name later, I have a huge, very complex game to relearn… yeah.

This also makes me realize how long I’ve been running this blog, it sure doesn’t seem like that long, and yet it does, it really does… time is pro troll. Anyways, for those of you that played that game, or are curious about it, hope you’ll enjoy both the AO stuff and the other articles which will be coming out in-time for the Christmas season.

Upcoming Guild Wars 2 Articles

Guild Wars 2 has been something I’ve been meaning to write about for a long time now. Even though I’ve played MMOs for years and years, GW2 is the first one I’ve reached level cap in, and is most likely pretty close to being the one I’ve put the most hours into, even over Myth War.

I was going to do an article regarding me capping the same week that I did that, but instead it sorta turned into a larger multi-article that I stopped working on in favour of my multiple journal series. I’m going to divide the uber-article into specialized articles, and do some other articles, possibly guides and journals, maybe even a comic series.

I also wanted to get back into the short quick blog updates again, although not quite as short as my Anarchy Online ones probably. This would be a great game to do it in, with the bi-weekly updates and just generally the massive amounts of content that it packs.

So I hope you’ll return for those, and tell your friends.

(Part 4) Dog “Mines” His Own Business in Fallout: New Vegas


I apologize for this being way late, my browsers weren’t letting me into WordPress, so I put publishing this off.

This is the fourth part, you can read the previous (third) part here and the first part here.


You guys already probably know what is going to happen here, so I’ll try and quickly get to the good part, involving my quarterly meeting with such a fantastic creature. These guys are the mountain trolls of Fallout, and they are resistant to lazorz and there is no Fus Ro Dah to save you now. Continue reading