This Week with Dog (Week of 1/19/2015)

]Being as my article series are usually specialized towards one thing (guides for a game, journals, Steam chat, etc) I wanted to bring back more traditional blogging to my, well, blog. I may not always be able to get my friends to play FTL, but I pretty much always do something each week in games. I do game a lot, and I game for myself, not always for my blog, which makes it hard to keep writing a series when I want to play something else; on the other hand, it makes my writing more genuine as a gamer. Continue reading


The Random Chat Special ft. blh

This is a chat on Steam with my friend blh while I was playing first TF2 and then later Wakfu. My name was “DO YOU EVEN HIGHWAY BRUH” at the time but I edited to “Dog G6”, which is my normal Steam name. Enjoy.

Also thanks to Brooks, my friend, for programming the program that auto-colors text based on username at the start of a line. Continue reading

Introducing Dogcasting!

First, let me apologize, I had a plan to give you guys previews of all my series plus some extra original articles just for the occasion *takes a breath* on Christmas. But, I didn’t because of things, so I’m going to be doing it for the end of the year, starting today. There will be an index article to archive all of these posts. Continue reading

X: Rebirth Is Gonna Release! Now Here’s What I Hope For

First, before you read any further, you should have checked out the new trailer and videos on the official X Universe Channel. Yes, it has a release date set for this year and this planet, but America is getting it after everybody else. 😦 xD I’m kidding it’s just a few days. Oh wait, that’s like five more Guild Wars levels. Oh man we’re getting screwed dangit Germany! It’s in November sometime. Look it up. If I touch Google I’ll naturally type in “icanhascheezburger”, and this article will never go beyond the draft stage. Continue reading

Dog’s Pokémon Crystal Adventures: Part 7

This is the seventh part of my Pokémon Crystal journal. You can read the first part here and the sixth part here. In the last part, we went Jacky Chan on some thugs, got a coincase, won at slot machines, and caught a Beedrill in the Tuesday National Park competition north of Goldenrod City.
Continue reading

Planetside 2 Closed Beta

The closed beta for Planetside 2 is nearing so make sure to sign up here I’m planning on having my computer by then. I’m trying to decide between Vanu and NC. I like the lasers of the Vanu but I like the color scheme and background of the NC. Please comment about what faction I should play or tweet me @Dog_G6 or use hashtag #PlanetSideSide.

Also, since I won’t be able to share info until it goes into open beta, I’m thinking about writing a guide for whatever faction I end up playing as and then publishing it as soon as it hits open beta. I’m also looking to have more writers for Dog House Blog, and since I will be writing the guide for only one faction I’d have room for two more writers to write the guides for the two other factions. Please tell me if you would be interested in the comments below.

Thank all of you loyal readers who have been reading from the start of this blog and who have helped it grow. And thank you, 111sam1, for having one of the friendliest Minecraft server I have found. Hope to play it with you soon.

Also, be sure to check out my art on deviantart here