[Part 1] Space Engine: the Cool Stuff Chronicles

Indeed, it is time for a Space Engine journal series, because Space Engine is beyond epicsauce. This one will be a bit different, though, as it will focus quite heavily on screenshots of cool things, because finding an infinite amount of cool things in a might-as-well-be infinite universe is what Space Engine (and hopefully someday our lives) is all about.

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Space Engine: Gotta See All Dem SHINY THINGZ!

I recently found an amazing piece of tech, which is giving me quite a bit of fun, called Space Engine. It essentially simulates an entire universe, using real data where it can, and procedurally generating content everywhere else. It looks amazing on high settings, and, just like the real universe, is silly massive. There’s billions of galaxies, each galaxy with trillions or billions of stars, most stars have planets, comets and asteroids orbiting them, those planets have moons around them, and all of those things you can go down to the very surface and explore in Continue reading