[TES Lore] Lorekhan #5: White-Gold and the Fourth Era

Now, as the Empire rots under its own corruption, our opportunity arises. We, with our ancient wisdom and clear purpose, have the advantage. Together, Altmer, Bosmer, and Khajiit will fight back the evils rooted in the Empire, quiet the unruly hordes of the Ebonheart Pact and Daggerfall Covenant, and usher in a shining age of reason, culture, and peace.

Stand with us.” –Dominion Handbil

Welcome back to Lorekhan! This time, we will be covering just about the darkest period in Tamriel’s history: the Fourth Era. This era began with ending of the Oblivion Crisis, but that was just the start. Many of the things that had stayed relatively the same for at least a millennium start to change in this era, and not quite for the better. Continue reading


[Episode 4] FTL: Like if You Die Everytime

Welcome back readers! The first episode can be found here and the previous episode here. Continue reading

[TES Lore] Lorekhan #4: The Imperial City and the Empire [Part 3]

Welcome back to Lorekhan! It’s been a bit since I last wrote this series, but now that all my writers have agreed on a set weekly day to dedicate to writing together, I thought this would be a good series to bring back to life. Not going to run out of Elder Scrolls lore or anything, and this is a series I envisioned as being long-running.

The former episodes will also be reformatted for easier reading, and to match writing styles with future episodes. Continue reading

FTL: Like if You Die Everytime Schedule

The first episode for FTL: Like if You Die Everytime I am setting to be published at 5:30 PM EST tomorrow (27th). There are currently seven episodes edited and ready to go, so that’s seven weeks of content. More may come if I decide to publish the first episode with three people at once (it was a bit messy).

Either way, no surprises, this time I’m letting you know the minimum amount of content to expect. Me and Volatar are likely to do more, not sure about the other people.