The Lonely Mesmer #1: Heart of Thorns Beta Preview

“The land was eclipsed in flames. Roots, cliffs and remnants of ships burned as one. The lone man looked up at this, all of this, and he whispered under his breath; “Damn. I just wanted pistol/pistol to get a buff.” — 101 Reasons to Travel Dolyak, Aetherieus, 1328 AE

Welcome to The Lonely Mesmer, me and Chris’ newer Guild Wars 2 article series that covers, well, whatever we feel like covering about GW2.


Today I feel like covering the closed beta/stress test sessions from the 26th, with impressions on the specific beta itself as well as thoughts overall on its relation to HoT. I’m not trying to be overly negative, nor too positively biased, so if you came here for rants, I will disappoint you. Being that this is also the introduction article to The Lonely Mesmer (which was not my original intent), I will also be introducing our fictional comedy persona, Rebecca Blindspam. Continue reading


This Week with Dog (Week of 2/2/2015)

You can read the last TWWD here, and the first week here. Thanks for reading! [Also, I finished editing this and published it at exactly midnight on the verge of monday and tuesday. Man just missed the day ;D

Zerg Them for Glory

Here on the Darkhaven server in Guild Wars 2, we may not be the biggest server, but we have some pretty cool WvW commanders. Commanders that create huge Siege Golem zergs, or in the case of this last week, commanders that straight-on Sparta-charge into the center of enemy zergs, splitting them up and routing the enemy players (so I can ho cripple/backstab happy). Continue reading

This Week with Dog (Week of 1/19/2015)

]Being as my article series are usually specialized towards one thing (guides for a game, journals, Steam chat, etc) I wanted to bring back more traditional blogging to my, well, blog. I may not always be able to get my friends to play FTL, but I pretty much always do something each week in games. I do game a lot, and I game for myself, not always for my blog, which makes it hard to keep writing a series when I want to play something else; on the other hand, it makes my writing more genuine as a gamer. Continue reading

Dog Returns to Guild Wars 2

I’ve returned to good old Guild Wars 2, and IT’S AMAZING. I heard that menu music again and was like “dayum I ‘member that”. Also, I’ve always wanted to go the Maguuma Wastes due to how cool it looks on the world map. Dream completed.


I’d also like to recommend Bog Otter’s Boomerang series. It’s really concise and helpful for knowing what you’ve missed when returning to the game.

[TES Lore] Lorekhan #2: The Imperial City and the Empire [Part 1]

Welcome again to another punishingly named chapter in our Elder Scrolls lore series. Last week, we talked about the Elder Scrolls themselves. This week, we’ll be looking at the history of the Imperial City and the White-Gold Tower, and its significance throughout the eras.

The Imperial City is a circular city which is built on an isle in Lake Rumare, with the White-Gold Tower Continue reading

[TES Lore] Lorekhan #1: The Elder Scrolls

Welcome to my new lore series for Elder Scrolls. I’m going to be taking my abilities at lazily but efficiently explaining mechanics and ideas while throwing in a bunch of really dumb humor, and combining it with my nerdiness about Elder Scrolls and its lore. Also, yes, the actual name of the series is a geeky/nerdy Elder Scrolls lore pun. I’m da baws.

This lore series will hopefully teach you the very insanely rich lore of the Elder Scrolls world in an entertaining manner, and allow you to out-nerd your friends whenever you sit down to play a single player TES game and/or ESO with them.



So the title doesn’t confuse you, seem redundant, and imply that I’m covering all lore in one article, I’m just going to make this clear that this first chapter is actually about the titular Elder Scrolls themselves. Continue reading

ESO Review is Coming

I’ve been quite annoyed with all of these reviews that have been based entirely off of the tutorial, even after the game has released. Apparently I’m behind on how journalism works now, and I’m apparently doing it wrong because I actually take time to look at a game. Forgive me.

I will be doing a review, possibly multiple, but so far I can tell you the game kicks arse noodles. “ooo mwauuuu you dunno wut ur talkin bout it not tes game it has a sub fee my frend said it sux he’s the leader and god-king of his own cult hurglbluegh.”

Anyways (<– my favorite way to start every sentence on my blog),  yes the review is coming, I’m level 20 but still want to play more. I have a guild, see it in sidebar if you want to play with me (of course you do, my ego is delicious)