[Episode 6] FTL: Like if You Die Everytime

Welcome back readers! The first episode can be found here and the previous episode here.

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This Week with Dog (Week of 1/19/2015)

]Being as my article series are usually specialized towards one thing (guides for a game, journals, Steam chat, etc) I wanted to bring back more traditional blogging to my, well, blog. I may not always be able to get my friends to play FTL, but I pretty much always do something each week in games. I do game a lot, and I game for myself, not always for my blog, which makes it hard to keep writing a series when I want to play something else; on the other hand, it makes my writing more genuine as a gamer. Continue reading

FTL: Like If You Die Everytime Preview With Volatar

This is another snippet from the upcoming series FTL: Like If You Die Everytime (which is also the pilot series for the Roguelike If You Die Everytime metaseries). This series is entirely Steam Chat from the gaming sessions. Continue reading