FTL: Like if You Die Everytime Schedule

The first episode for FTL: Like if You Die Everytime I am setting to be published at 5:30 PM EST tomorrow (27th). There are currently seven episodes edited and ready to go, so that’s seven weeks of content. More may come if I decide to publish the first episode with three people at once (it was a bit messy).

Either way, no surprises, this time I’m letting you know the minimum amount of content to expect. Me and Volatar are likely to do more, not sure about the other people.


Stuff That’s Being Worked On

Weekly General Blog and New Writer

So, following the joining of our newest writer, Chrism I’m going to be making changes to the blog, primarily the weekly blog series. I’m still working it out among my writers about how we’ll do this, but currently we’re thinking of having a Guild Wars 2 series written by me, Chrisi, and possibly Volatar, as well as what we’re going to do with This Week with Dog (possibly making it so all authors write each week for that series). Continue reading

Blacklight: Retribution is Receiving New Support

The FPS Blacklight: Retribution, which I’m pretty fond of, has new ownership under Builder Box. Builder Box is made up of the developers, directors and staff that originally supported the game. This means that BL:R will be receiving new support, updates, and new servers (ffs thank you dev-dudes).

You can read the original announcement here: http://blacklight-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=737251

Welcome back Blacklight.

Happy New Year’s! Here’s What Dog is Planning!

Just wanted to say, happy New Year’s, people of 2015. We are now in the future. Now we wait for news on the new Mass Effect.

That is all.

Nah kidding, I’m going to show the lineup of new series that will be coming to DHGB! Continue reading

Happy New Year’s Eve from Dog House Gaming Blog

Happy New Year’s Eve, gamers out there who’ve read my blog at some point or another!

This year we had nearly 53 thousand views. This is actually less than the previous year, and that’s for a few reasons. I wasn’t really publishing any continuous series-es…-eses… for this year, instead I was writing a bunch behind the scenes, and making my friends do stuff with me and like it, for the sake of this blog. Continue reading

The Random Chat Special ft. blh

This is a chat on Steam with my friend blh while I was playing first TF2 and then later Wakfu. My name was “DO YOU EVEN HIGHWAY BRUH” at the time but I edited to “Dog G6”, which is my normal Steam name. Enjoy.

Also thanks to Brooks, my friend, for programming the program that auto-colors text based on username at the start of a line. Continue reading