Dog House Gaming Blog is a blog about video games, although with all of the L.A. Noire you’ve played, this was probably easy to discern. The purpose of this blog is to give detailed reviews, guides and walkthroughs etc. about games and share experiences and opinions within these game worlds.

Dog G6 started this blog in May of 2011. There are currently three writers: Dog G6, (Founder and Administrator) and paigeaddams, the first writer besides Dog to write for DHGB, as well as Volatar, a space sim fan (like Dog).


Dog G6

I (Dog) am the current main, procrastinating writer for DHGB, a blog which specializes in Bruce Willis jokes, spamming colored-text, guides, reviews, and Downton Abby (I’m totally joking about that last one)

Chris (Omagatoki)

Not unfamiliar with the likes of retro RPGs and CCGs, Chris also loves Guild Wars 2 and the BioShock franchise.

Paige Addams

Paigeaddams joined April 24th, 2012, and is writing the Noob Rental Reviews series, which reviews PS3 games.

DHGB is open to opinions and comments of readers and will try to answer the questions of readers. We are also completely open to ideas and suggestions, so feel free to leave comments on any posts. I thank every one of you loyal readers who have helped this blog grow, and all of you that have shared it with your friends.


List of people I give thanks to:

  • Veritedonato
  • Smi77y
  • Volatar
  • Guy Nickwell
  • Paige Adams
  • Carrie Slager
  • Istvan
  • DuckOnDuck
  • And my good friend (even though he plays too much Dota), 111sam1.

-Dog G6


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