Update on The Lonely Mesmer


Hey readers! Putting a quick post here to explain that me and Chris are still figuring out how we’re going to do The Lonely Mesmer. Also, I’m an exceedingly lazy writer on top of that.

Regardless, I hadn’t planned to start posting the series that soon, but because of the beta, I moved it up to cover that. It’s possible we will start the articles being bi-weekly until we write out a bunch of reserve content and move it up to being weekly. Now that it’s summer, we both have a lot more time to write than we otherwise would have had.

We do hope to make this our flagship article series, so we are focusing on it, and I have a few backup-writers who may also join in to write occasional episodes. The main authors are still going to be me and Chris, regardless, as well as it being a requirement that every episode has to have a pass through me so that I can add in Rebecca Blindspam parts 😉

Thanks to all who read and shared the first Lonely Mesmer, and I’ll see you back here soon!


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