[TES Lore] Lorekhan #7: The Dawn of the Aurbis, Lorkhan and Nirn

“When Magic (Magnus), architect of the plans for the mortal world, decided to terminate the project, the Gods convened at the Adamantine Tower [Direnni Tower, the oldest known structure in Tamriel] and decided what to do. Most left when Magic did. Others sacrificed themselves into other forms so that they might Stay (the Ehlnofey). Lorkhan was condemned by the Gods to exile in the mortal realms, and his heart was torn out and cast from the Tower. Where it landed, a Volcano formed. With Magic (in the Mythic Sense) gone, the Cosmos stabilized. Elven history, finally linear, began.” — Before the Ages of Man

Welcome back to Lorekhan! We’re finally working into somewhat more complicated areas of the lore, including lore from Michael Kirkbride’s work that was external from the Elder Scrolls games.

Also, being as some lore is pretty complex and TES tends to like to have conflicting and varied accounts of everything, I can’t guarantee that I’ll get everything “right”. If there is a serious mistake I make anywhere, please do point it out for me.

[Insert Inception noise here]

The Elder Scrolls Universe, or Aurbis, essentially exists as a dream inside the head of a figure called the Godhead. Well, possibly dreams within dreams within dreams, each time splitting the Godheads consciousness into more personalities, such as Aedra, Daedra and Mortals.

The first, or at least the highest iteration (closest to the top-level dream) that we know of is the personalities of Anu and Padomay. The first, Anu, representing Stasis (kinda like a Battlefield or Total War loading screen on your not-an-SSD) and the latter, Padomay, representing Change (kinda like DAT TEXTURE POP-IN THO). As these two forces met each other in whatever Void thing was going on before cooler stuff existed, the effects caused by these two opposing ideas getting snuggles — er, interplaying, created a third force — Nir.

Now, Anu and Padomay are described as brothers. Nir is supposed to have been a hot chick — as far as omnipresent universe-causing forces with personalities go.

But Nir loved Anu, and so Padomay was legit pissed. He left them for a while, and in the mean time, Nir became pregnant. (I almost used the term “preggers” just so I could piss the internet off. I’m not that evil.) Padomay returned, and he told Nir his feelings for her. She said “lolnope”, and so he fought with both Nir and Anu.

Padomay was fought off, but Nir was gravely injured. She gave birth to the Creation Engine — wait, no, just Creation… although the previous is kind’ve correct? — and the twelve worlds contained within. Padomay eventually came back to destroy these worlds, and Anu fought him off once again, and used the remnants of the twelve worlds to create Nirn.

Mundus: Spacetime Saladbar

This is one story. The other is that the et’Ada were birthed from the cuddles — interplay, right — including the beings Lorkhan and Auri-El (the Elven form of Akatosh, or perhaps even his Avatar). Auri-El/Akatosh started Time, and Lorkhan lead other et’Adra to use their power to together build a structured realm within the Aurbis: Mundus. They built it according to designs written and saved in Notepad++ by Magnus. Lorkhan himself is actually considered a Padomaic being, or aligned to Padomay (change), just as a side note.

Most of the prominent Padomaic beings, though, refused to help in the construction and decided to make their own Minecraft worlds with custom settings — er, they created the worlds which would become the Daedric planes, which means they themselves became the Daedric princes. Daedric princes are essentially descended from the forces of change.

The twelve worlds, presumably Aedric worlds within Mundus, are destroyed when Anu and Padomay come back to tavern-brawl some more.

Dog tries to explain things

Where I feel these two stories of Creation can be reconciled, is that first off Anu, Padomay and Nir can all be attributed as less of “beings” and more of ideas inside of the Godhead’s well, head. Padomay is the idea of Change, also considered Chaos, and Anu is the idea of Stasis, or Order. Nir could represent the idea of Mundus, Lorkhan, or just generally the et’Ada.

Remember that Anu was lover to Nir, he had the biggest hold over her. But Padomay also longed for her. Here this is paralleled by Lorkhan being technically of Padomaic origins, but leading Anuic(?)… Anu-ish… beings or et’Ada into designing a structured world, but in doing so changing the void. Lorkhan and Mundus are not just Change or Stasis, but a mix of both. Mundus is technically birthed by both Anu and Padomay in this sense, both because of the varied origins of the beings building it but also its idea. (Also “Anuic” is the correct term according to UESP.net)

TL;DR: Nir is less of a hot omnipresent being chick and more of an idea, just as Anu and Padomay are — albeit ideas that do have embodied powerful forces behind them, being able to destroy worlds and all, probably due to even though they are just ideas, Aurbis is just a dream anyways. [/nerd]

The stories still hold that Nirn was pretty much birthed from the remnants of the twelve worlds. This is why some of the Aedric beings remained, as their power was invested in Nirn essentially, it being the remnants of their previous work. Other Aedric forces got the heck out of there and ripped holes in Mundus that lead to Aetherius — these are the stars of the Elder Scrolls world. Others still supposedly became mortals and/or Ehlnofey, whatever the heck that means.

Vendettas on Nirn; Lorkhan has heartburn

War breaks out on Tamriel between Auri-El and Lorkhan, with some of the Aedric spirits who were not happy with Nirn coming back for vengeance. Auri-El leading the ancestors of the Elven folk, Lorkhan leading the ancestors of the Man folk. The many wars between the Aldmeris and of Men are somewhat modern-er embodiments of the fight between Auri-El and Lorkhan.

Eventually, the pissed off Aedra rip Lorkhan’s heart out, and Auri-El fires it into the sea (because we all know Auri-El chooses the Ranger class everytime). This creates Vvardenfell, and this heart will come to cause a bunch more trouble, as found in the previous Lorekhan article.

Nirn continues on, and the Men, Mer and Beast peoples evolve and grow as the lands change and cool things happen. Then we get to the modern Elder Scrolls times, or at least relatively modern. The races become what they are today, and they pretty much do what they do today.

Closing notes

Thanks for reading! Sorry this one was late by half an hour, we decided to change the writing day to Friday and I was trying to get my head around writing this cray crayfish lore goodness. Much reading. Not enough Doritos.

I’d like to thank UESP.net, the Imperial Library, and /r/teslore for helping my research greatly.

Me and my friends and co writers will be doing some checks over the continuity of this article, as over the course of two hours I did change and rewrite aspects of it to better reconcile the multiple lore stories. If you notice something that doesn’t make as much sense as it should, or is otherwise a mistake, please comment about it. Also, Like, Follow and Subscribe, because stuff. That’s why. Stuff.

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