[Episode 1] FTL: Like if You Die Everytime

Hey there, readers of this thing! I have decided to put this as the first episode, as it more or less is one of the earliest good ones we did.


Dog G6: I’m still using the default kestrel
Sephiroth: i’ll roll same
Sephiroth: need to name crew so we have an emotional attachment when they get eaten by space spiders
Dog G6: the music is so good
Sephiroth: agreed
Sephiroth: do you go shortest path or explore around
Dog G6: I screw around exploring and then when the fleet comes I get to the beacon
Dog G6: basically I try to do as much as I can
Dog G6: and just leave when right on the edge of the fleet
Sephiroth: i always worry about fuel
Dog G6: I’ve never had fuel problems except for that time earlier today
Dog G6: that was epic tho
Dog G6: okay first jump, got a distress call, apparently there’s alien spiders. Imma send my crew over, as alien spiders are no joke.
Dog G6: op welp Cubbin is gone, he was my favorite just from his name
Sephiroth: risky
Dog G6: welp, crap
Sephiroth: lol
Dog G6: so no weapons officer
Dog G6: good start
Sephiroth: I had some pirates that took out my 02
Sephiroth: O2
Dog G6: a drone AI here, pretty standard
Sephiroth: such a pain
Dog G6: no weapons officer, got an evasive cloaking drone
Dog G6: good thing I’ll be really accurate now [/s]
Sephiroth: battling in a nebula, half power
Sephiroth: dropping med for full weapons
Sephiroth: no shields
Dog G6: if you want and there’s something really cool going on you can make a screenshot of it and I’ll throw it in
Sephiroth: if there’s an epic fight sure
Sephiroth: good thing he aimed for shields
Dog G6: Took out its weapons, this drone seems to have thought that taking out my doors was of utmost importance
Dog G6: to be fair upgraded doors are useful as heck
Sephiroth: we have fire
Dog G6: twice I’ve died from really stupid situations involving fire, no air, and boarding parties
Sephiroth: what do upgraded doors do?
Dog G6: and he jumped
Dog G6: wow I’m on a roll
Sephiroth: lol
Sephiroth: my guy is trying to jump
Dog G6: if I could hit that engine
Dog G6: upgraded my reactor in exchange for supplies
Sephiroth: no sensors and fires is fun
Dog G6: shields are already down, having my engine officer repair it while the enemy is already smashing me
Dog G6: oop doors out again, guess the doors are my meatshield
Sephiroth: lol
Sephiroth: i’m still repairing from previous engagement, no sensors and half power is ugly
Dog G6: my missile hit their shields, my weapons are also damaged
Dog G6: wow that’s ironic, fire in the door room

[Obligatory “that’s not really irony!” *Picks up iron sand* *Throws it at you* There, iron.]

Dog G6: XD my goodness
Sephiroth: fires everywhere
Dog G6: fires in the medbay as well
Dog G6: I think that means I’m screwed
Dog G6: imma just fire everything
Dog G6: no saving missiles cuz IMMABOUT TO DIE AND CUBBIN IS GONE
Sephiroth: fires out, finally
Sephiroth: too soon, moment of silence
Dog G6: okay took out the ship
Dog G6: imma try and let the fires burn out
Dog G6: just throwing my two dudes in the O2 room
Dog G6: medbay out of oxygen, that’s good
Dog G6: fires going out
Dog G6: I’m disabling O2 for now
Dog G6: as the fires are respreading

Sephiroth: new pirate engaged
Sephiroth: targetting shields and weapons
Dog G6: sensors out
Sephiroth: weapons down, they are reparing shields
Sephiroth: going for kill
Sephiroth: saivng missiles
Dog G6: the fire sounds have gone away finally woooo
Dog G6: so, officers are important
Sephiroth: pursuing distress beacon
Dog G6: lol
Sephiroth: details
Dog G6: already my hull is almost red
Sephiroth: traded fuel for updated map of sector
Dog G6: so the community believes that the player is an AI
Dog G6: due to the ability to command the ship without anyone on it
Dog G6: waddyu think?
Dog G6: think we’re Hal?
Sephiroth: I’m sorry … I can’t do that dave
Sephiroth: Going to get staff for shields
Dog G6: “Dave, Cubbin is gone”
Sephiroth: too soon… too son
Sephiroth: slavers!
Dog G6: “Dave, I think you should go look at the spiders.
Sephiroth: NOOOO ethical quandrys
Sephiroth: (sp)
Sephiroth: offer a tribute or they all die
Dog G6: (sp)?
Sephiroth: spelling
Dog G6: ah
Dog G6: lol
Dog G6: trying to rescue a ship that’s stuck between asteroids
Dog G6: well, pirates are on my ship, no sensors, and a planetary defense system is locking on to me
Dog G6: have to fight for the engine room so I can jump
Dog G6: O2 is out
Sephiroth: defended civilians from empire
Dog G6: depressurising engine room so they’ll leave
Dog G6: they seem to be in weapons room due to damage I’m seeing
Dog G6: making a run for the oxygen
Dog G6: 2 hull left
Sephiroth: killing last pirate in sector
Sephiroth: fleets on my tail
Dog G6: aaaand exploded
Sephiroth: missiles running low
Dog G6: that was my shortest game yet xD
Sephiroth: lol
Sephiroth: healing, then leaving sector
Dog G6: started game, distress signal
Dog G6: fed scout needs fuel
Dog G6: have to go into a nebula
Sephiroth: too greedy, rebel intercepted me at gate
Sephiroth: going to have to win this
Dog G6: nope just a ton of drones instead
Dog G6: that’s so much better
Dog G6: -_-
Sephiroth: rebel shield and weapons down, fire in door room
Sephiroth: sheild person going to deal with it
Dog G6: dey be takin out my engine DON’T MESS WITH MAH ENGINE HOMIES
Dog G6: WHOA I just realized Cubbin is back 😀
Dog G6: I got Cubbin in this game!
Sephiroth: saving missiles, firing lasers on shield room
Dog G6: oh I get it the rebels must be coming for Cubbin
Dog G6: cuz he’s a legend
Dog G6: he gets nutshots on dem rebel bunnyhoppers man
Dog G6: took their weapons and shields out
Sephiroth: sniper
Sephiroth: and…. 2 crew dead as I sent them to repair a room with no oxygen and they died
Dog G6: a ton of scrap and an Anti-Ship Beam Drone I
Dog G6: this time imma be trying to get defensive stuff first
Sephiroth: engaging scout with 1 missle and down 2 crew
Dog G6: or at least shields and doors
Dog G6: then I’ll get the weaps
Dog G6: also saving scrap for missiles
Dog G6: as long as I have missiles I can probably keep stuff at bay
Dog G6: wow already ran into a pirate with tough shields
Sephiroth: just got pike beam
Sephiroth: going to distress isgnal
Sephiroth: single life form
Sephiroth: return survivor to family for 27 scrap, good deal
Sephiroth: first foray into pike beam
Sephiroth: risky
Dog G6: I want pike beam
Dog G6: 😦
Sephiroth: tried to run, engine destoryed
Dog G6: got two shield bubbles now, 3 jumps in
Sephiroth: low on fuel, 2
Dog G6: aaand jumped into a super giant
Sephiroth: houston we have a problem
Dog G6: pirate here, going to disable shields with missiles, take out weapons and then drones with lazorz
Sephiroth: with 2 fuel we jumped inot an pirate fighter with 4 weapons, advanced shields
Dog G6: disabling missiles to save ammo, weapons are out
Dog G6: going for drone bay
Dog G6: power from artemis rerouted to engines
Dog G6: not accepting surrender, THEY DON’T PAY ENOUGH
Dog G6: lol I usually accept surrender actually
Dog G6: but I need to hoard all the scrapz right nao
Sephiroth: fires spreading after victory
Dog G6: disabling oxygen, fires in the sensor room
Dog G6: solar flare about to happen, jumping
Dog G6: this is going great
Dog G6: fires everywhere
Sephiroth: final repairs before jump
Sephiroth: gota log off though
Dog G6: mind control
Sephiroth: situation dire
Sephiroth: 2 crew
Sephiroth: heavy hull damage
Sephiroth: low fuel
Sephiroth: advanced weapons but lacking scrap for skills
Dog G6: no shields
Dog G6: throwing everything at their weapons
Dog G6: so Sephiroth is going Torus

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