Stuff That’s Being Worked On

Weekly General Blog and New Writer

So, following the joining of our newest writer, Chrism I’m going to be making changes to the blog, primarily the weekly blog series. I’m still working it out among my writers about how we’ll do this, but currently we’re thinking of having a Guild Wars 2 series written by me, Chrisi, and possibly Volatar, as well as what we’re going to do with This Week with Dog (possibly making it so all authors write each week for that series).

This is also why I delayed the last TWWD, I was trying to figure out how to have Chris write it as well, possibly Paige, but I may just do another one or two in the current format until we figure it out.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Currently I’ve also edited most of the FTL series, although I feel like there’s some of it I’ve missed somewhere (due to formatting and cloud backups, stuff has gotten mushed around). If I don’t find any more content, the series will cap at around 7-8 episodes that have been edited and ready, although I was planning on 12 for the first volume–and then whatever I can force my friends to push out with me (heuhuehe I will spam them until they play FTL with me MWUAHAHAHA)

I’ve also made two different drafts for the wallpaper/logo for the series (one of which I did today), but I still yet make more because I want it to look sleek and spacey.

X Rebirth

Honestly, I’ve taken a break from Rebirth after I had to wait for a heavy cruiser to build before being able to build my freighter (still waiting, actually… 57% completed, get hype) and have been playing my various other games, like getting back into Total War, some GW2 and lots of Space Engine streaming with my friends.

However, some of the series has completed drafts (I still need to add the screenshots) and more will be worked on later. I still plan to play more of course, but I’m just bleughed out on games right now… so I read too much reddit instead.

I still need to write a guide and review. I had taken a crack at writing a guide before, but I think I can do a lot better than that. I’ve already done the Design Defense for Rebirth, but I still plan on a formal review, possibly after the next update.

Space Engine

Space Engine may make a return, such as the Cool Stuff Chronicles. In the olden times SE just crashed a ton, sometimes taking my computer with it. Now it’s a lot more stable so I’m less scared of running it, and in fact I’ve made it a regular thing for Dogcasting.

Design Defense

I had already warned that this series wouldn’t always be regular, as I need to find opinions to write about. A Guild Wars 2 one doesn’t seem a bad idea though, as GW2 does a lot of things much better than the rest of the MMO industry, in my opinion at the very least.

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