This Week with Dog (Week of 2/2/2015)

You can read the last TWWD here, and the first week here. Thanks for reading! [Also, I finished editing this and published it at exactly midnight on the verge of monday and tuesday. Man just missed the day ;D

Zerg Them for Glory

Here on the Darkhaven server in Guild Wars 2, we may not be the biggest server, but we have some pretty cool WvW commanders. Commanders that create huge Siege Golem zergs, or in the case of this last week, commanders that straight-on Sparta-charge into the center of enemy zergs, splitting them up and routing the enemy players (so I can ho cripple/backstab happy).


This commander had us do it off small rock peak, in a canyon, inside Stonemist, and every time, even when their force was greater, as soon as he went through the middle of them with his wedge formation they all freaked the fish out and started running in all directions because as soon as he did that, each person in their zergmation was broken up from the other persons. I pondered how cool GW2 is that you actually can route players in it, and then you get to kill them all hueuheuhuehue.gw298

We also had a 20-minute underwater battle with another army (zerg). So much harpoon. Very much many harpoon.

Later on I brought a guild member who was new to the game to WvW and taught him it a bit. He thought it was amazing as we went around the map smashing up wooden doors like mafia bosses.


A small group of six enemies from da North attacked Stonemist with a trebuchet. I shot at them a bunch, but being as I’m one guy, and I’m not Yishis, I went back to the inner wall when the gate broke down and called out to the commander. He came along, and we found a zerg off in the direction they had ran.

Queue more Sparta-charging (I just decided to call it that earlier) and backstabz. Also, I got the PLOT TWIST kill on a d/p thief who was probably more skilled than I am, but he was doomed for he did not yell “PLOT TWIST”. I saw him coming along the wall inside the castle, he saw me, and we charge at each other. I dodged the first blind/step bullet, shot him with the daze and then my own blind/step, he dodged and used his field to stealth. I did the same, and he came out near me before my stealth wore out and I stabbed him on. He reacquired stealth, hit me after I dodged one strike, came out Heartseeking as I tried to blind him again, we both rolled back and I steal stealthed to him, stabbed at the air as he restealthed and then he got me. Nuuuuu.

He walks smugly backwards as about five buddies jump over the wall onto him and down him. We spend a bit hot-potatoing throwing daggers at each other, I get revived and step to him and heartseek him dead. To be honest he totally beat my ashigaru, but DAT TEAMWORK M8IES.


So there was like, a stream of Heart of Thrones “gameplay”, but it was like, standing around for 20 minutes, pressing the 1-key for 3 minutes, then standing around until the time was up. All in all the developers streaming moved less than 30 meters in 30 minutes. Sometimes I feel like ANet are just insanely smart geniuses, managing the hype by occasionally having a little troll fun with us.

THIS. IS. AETHA… AETHER… Eh Close Enough for Science

So I’ve never really had to use the LFG tool, for open world content at least. None of my friends that I know have had to either, so I thought I’d try it out with actually open world stuff, as all the other groups that advertise there are mostly world bosses and farming and whatnot.

Also dunno what’s with all the Sparta things in this article today. Roll with it.

So I put “World Completion with Aeth” up there, Aetherieus being my character’s name. I don’t really expect anyone to come through there, but I was just putting it up as an extra thing to try while I dilly around completing stuff.

Right after I post it, a guy a whispers me with “who the f** is aeth and why should I care” I was streaming to my Steam friends, so I drug this out a bit by mirroring what he said for extra funnies. Stuff like “who the f*** are you and why should I care”, you know, nothing really elaborate.

After a bit he still goes on about it, I tell him that it seems he cares, because he’s specifically whispering me. He must be a fanboy of me, and I said he could have just asked for an autograph, but I don’t want him to be my girlfriend. “Your logic is flawed” is the only comeback he has. I then start talking about different kinds of salad dressing and sushi, and notify him that peeps be watching on my stream, and he gives up and goes silent. I whisper him a final message with “insecurefanboy.exe has encountered an unexpected shutdown” and add him to ignore.

A PUG with Snape

Me and my friend Brooks, who you may know as the creator of the tool that allows the Steam Chat Journals to have automatically html-colored lines of chat, started a group to do Shadow’s Embrace, without stacking or skipping or game-y stuff like that.

We had to pug it, and I was already lazy about doing the dungeon in the first place. Anywho, the remaining three slots are filled by — well, we’ll call them Chikpea (she authorized me to use her character name but… I don’t exactly remember the last two letters of it; I’ll use the nickname I’ve given her instead ;D), her friend, and Snape (we’ll just call him Snape as that’s what we collectively agreed to call him after I remarked that his character looks exactly like Snape).

We ran all the paths, I got lootz which were worth a good amount, and we killed several thousand dredge (rough estimate).

We also did SPVP, the first game was us zerging the other team (finally get to be on the giving side of that, heh), although to be fair they were pretty coordinated, albeit just trying to do engie cheese on the points on that icey map. One of the engies was up on a pillar with his turret like this is plr_hightower or something, so I pulled the pistol/pistol out and unloaded it into him. He panicked and fell off the pillar, where I unloaded some more before switching back to dagger/pistol and finishing him off.

In the end (it doesn’t really matterrrr) I came in second in the game with 170 or 180 points (don’t remember which).

Next game it was battle of trebuchet zerg–Battle of Kyhlo. We got zerged, and Snape left. We found him in the Heart of the Mists and danced around him with random people and sang Harry Potter Puppet Pals.

Thanks for Reading!

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