This Week with Dog (Week of 1/26/2015)

Welcome back to This Week with Dog! You can read the first week here.

Portal and Fangirls

I reinstalled Portal 2, because it’s awesome, and I finally found a new friend to play it with. He’s a co-streamer and officer for Dogcasting.

We were playing community made maps, and he mentioned that whatever we were trying to accomplish could only go “one direction”. I said “aahhh so you’re a fangirl”. He ignored this completely. I kept going on with dumb jokes, and the peeps watching the stream of it were laughing quite a bit at this.

An example: he falls into an acid pool; “why did you get that wet, there’s not even a concert on.” Another one: “your one direction is not the right direction”

I also tossed a chair over a fizzy field so that I could use it in the next part of the chamber (it was a player-made level).

Begin Writing This Article

This is where I started writing this Week with Dog. Playing Portal 2 doesn’t really give much content sadly, so I drew out writing it by playing more games and missing the weekly mark.

Moniez and Lootz

In Guild Wars 2 I’ve continued my journey of trying to achieve ridiculous amounts of achievement points, to catch up with many of the people on my friendslist. This continued with getting the Explorer achievements for Kryta and Maguuma, the latter of which was a headache trying to find the last zone.

So I put it off for a while and just screwed around in Silverwastes and SPVP and WvW and stuff.

In the Silverwastes we failed the Vinewrath a bunch of times, then we completed it sometimes, and LOOTZ. My newest guild, who one of my long-ish-time friends invited me to, did Tequatl a few times at night, so I joined them. Being with this guild has already been the most Teq wins I’ve ever had (I hadn’t done much Teq since the days of the overhaul, when just about every server botched it)

In SPVP I just screwed around in unranked a bit on my own, got put with a team that was made up of entirely members of this random guild, except for myself. I did a bunch of troll blinding trickery, and got top place on my team, but I don’t think we were playing any really focused enemies anyways.

Later, again in SPVP me and my friends encountered a team of super-rangers. My backstabs did nothing to their health, and their shots seemed to put out very large damage in one hit. Whatever builds or whatever they got, they’re good at it. They’d kill me, my mesmer friend and a random dude solo and come out having only taken around 10-20% damage, without healing skills. Maybe I should to roll a ranger, altho gotta save the last character slot for the Revenant unless Heart of Thorns comes with one. Also I love thief too much.

We had one good game after, where me and DHGB co-writer Volatar actually did work together, me interrupting finishes made on my friendlies and then stealth reviving them, and we were both fighting the shadowstep-stealth spammiest thief I’ve encountered in a while. Very hard to kill, that guys got skills (and skillslots full of stealth). I tried that roll healing skill thing as it has a much quicker cooldown, sometimes paired with Roll for Initiative, for those guys who love the tricky tangley stuffs. Also more ini for blind-‘n’-stab spamming.

In WvW, my forever-home-server of Darkhaven, we had a pretty empty day, but finally at night we filled the server and went to WARRRRRR. I followed our commander’s zerg around for a while, finished WvW dailies as I did it, and did some unload thief with dem pistols. Our zerg got their zerg in a canyon, and as their players routed and broke up all over the place and split into two streams going around the froggy-people fort, we killed them all HUEUHEUHUEUHUE.

No Teamwork, just Dunk Shots

Me and some friends that own… *opens Steam and looks at the name* Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball well, played some Robot Roll–you know what, I dunked some homies, tha’s wassup.

We played against another team made up of my friend’s friend’s friends presumably, but our team was pretty uncoordinated. So I just dunk-shot the enemy team repeatedly as they scored large amounts of points with the golden ball as we… bobbled around a bunch basically.

More Hype

ArenaNet shows more info about Heart of Thorns. Much hype was had.


Come again next week and read more stuff when you’re bored.

That is all.

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