This Week with Dog (Week of 1/19/2015)

]Being as my article series are usually specialized towards one thing (guides for a game, journals, Steam chat, etc) I wanted to bring back more traditional blogging to my, well, blog. I may not always be able to get my friends to play FTL, but I pretty much always do something each week in games. I do game a lot, and I game for myself, not always for my blog, which makes it hard to keep writing a series when I want to play something else; on the other hand, it makes my writing more genuine as a gamer.

So, I’ll just blab about what I do each week. I can always write about that, so that way there will always be content each week of me just playing games at a bare minimum, in addition to the dedicated series.

The “!@#$ You Ram”

I had been streaming Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for my friends and the Dogcasting group on Steam Broadcast as I played it. The kind’ve “finale” for the main game (played Freedom Cry after) for me was fighting the Legendary ships.


The last Legendary was the two ships you have to fight at once (in the northeast corner of the map). It took me five tries, but at the last attempt, I had the first ship sunk and the second one at a little below half hull I believe. I was caught at a bad spot after stun-locking him with chainshots repeatedly, and he was turning his broadside into me. I was at low hull, so this shot would kill me if he made it. I’m parallel to him, and I speed up and turn the Jackdaw straight into his side as he opens fire. The front hits him and he sinks, as my hull is teetering just on the edge of not being “hull”. Get it? Yeah, I do too. Huehuehue.

The stream chat went insane for a bit after that, even got a screenshot of a few seconds after the ram (sorry didn’t get more).

Scrubby Scout

After that I reinstalled TF2 after AC4 was removed from the SSD it was on — I saved the saves to the cloud, in case I want to come back someday and completionist the game some more.

Anywho, Scout is kinda my default class. There are situations where it’s not effective of course, like when there’s a minisentry anywhere on the map, but still. It’s a simple class, it’s a fast class, and I can help the team in a few different ways if I’m on my game.

I was not on my game currently. I was playing the classic koth_harvest, because I am pretty much always in the mood to play that map. It’s simple, it’s open, you can flank, it’s not just corridors or just sniper zones, It has rooftop running.

Currently, our team was getting spawncamped as their team was made pretty much up of phlog pyros and minisentry engies. I’m trying to run back and forth and get the quick cleaver throw in here and there, but SO MUCH PYRO. Whatever random guy in the stream chat calls me a scrubby scout.

This is a good title, I think, so I later changed my Steam name to Dog the Scrubby Scout for an evening of TF2.

After a few rounds of that, I go do some Hightower. FaN and fish is my dedicated Hightower scout loadout (it used to be the Sandman). Knock some pyros off the cliff, fish a few soldiers and snipers, good times are had.

I also then have a fairly okay game on koth_sawmill with the new Back Scatter gun or whatever it’s called.

Colin Sends the Hype Train Out of the Solar System

The Guild Wars 2 subreddit was having all its Heart of Thorns drama and speculation leaking everywhere. HoT was going to be either an expansion with quaggan as a playable race, a novel, or Season 3 of the Living Story according to the sub. Remember, there are no brakes on the hype train, which is just about one of the most important and wisest pieces of info ever shared on a gaming subreddit.

Now, three amazing things happened the day of the show: I used Google Calendar on my ‘droid to remind me (me actually setting a reminder is amazing in and of itself), I actually bothered with, and Colin came on the stage and just napalmed the crowd with amazesauce. It was an amazing show in my opinion; it had Jennifer Hale hosting the pre-show as the Twitch chat called her “fugly”, it had the announcement of the expansion itself with an awesome trailer and ArenaNet president and co-founder Colin (forgot his full name, but c’mon everyone else did too — Collin is a good enough name for me) telling us the main features; it had a random dude in the audience being put on the spot by Hale as he wishes for “PVE that doesn’t suck”, and generally a massive list of amazing improvements and things that were both entirely new ideas and things fans had wanted for a while.

The hype train has entered the warpgate.

Loot and Amazing Editing Skillz

Being for once glad I bothered to watch a Twitch stream — really glad in fact — I went on to the game to share in the joyous spread of hype-goo with my fellow fanbase of hype. I did Silverwastes events, went to the forge and got valuable stuff out, got lots of loot, and got to say hi to and compliment the creator of this amazing fan trailer. Overall it was an awesome Guild Wars-themed weekend for me.

Closing and Begging for Likes and Subscriptions

So, like, totally like the post, if you like, like it, and stuff, ya know? Like subscribe, too, but if you like don’t wanna, that’s okay, but like totally do?


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