Happy New Year’s! Here’s What Dog is Planning!

Just wanted to say, happy New Year’s, people of 2015. We are now in the future. Now we wait for news on the new Mass Effect.

That is all.

Nah kidding, I’m going to show the lineup of new series that will be coming to DHGB!

  • Design Defense

This series premiered not long ago with the No Man’s Sky Progression article. It’s primarily about looking at design decisions in games from both sides, as opposed to the usual habits of the game journalism industry.

  • Lorekhan

A returning series from summer of 2014, I will be continuing my nerdily-named Elder Scrolls lore series, just ’cause. Someday, you’re gonna be on Steam chat with your best geek buddy who plays Skyrim but didn’t ever play Morrowind (you better have or you take nerd-cred penalties), and you’ll out-nerd him because you read my series. And then you’ll get all da ladies. Like Lydia. Get Lydia, she’s good for carrying books.

Read the previous Lorekhans here:

This is the first Steam Chat journal series I’ve actually made a decent amount of content in, mainly because I was able to get my friends to put up with playing games with me for longer periods this time.

I mean, it’s pretty much FTL… and it’s our Steam chat of FTL… and it’s fantastic and such…

It features similar content and editing to Roguelike if You Die Everytime (see below)

Bonus: this is also the starting series of a bigger meta-series. You know, a series of series. Like how Drizzt is organized. Yes.

There are two previews you can see here:

The super/sister series of FTL: Like if You Die Everytime. Features me and Volatar playing various classic and new roguelikes. It’s still a Steam chat series, but it will feature screenshots and editing, along with normal paragraphs of edited writing that describe situations and information on the game.

  • Guides

Of course one of the biggest draws of my blog has consistently been the guides I’ve done, namely for X3: Albion Prelude and Super Stardust Delta. More guides will be coming for things such as X Rebirth, possibly OpenTTD, as well as a longer term goal to write FPS guides for maps and classes.

  • Dog Burns an Empire: X Rebirth Journal

Myjournal series returns, this time in X Rebirth 3.0. I have also been streaming my sessions of Rebirth on Steam Broadcast.

This will be pretty familiar to readers of my Dog Builds an Empire series for X3: Albion Prelude. (Which is possibly going to be continued as well, I should have my saves around here and I’d love to finish what I started there.)

A notice on Guild Wars 2 articles

For now I have discontinued Guild Wars 2 articles, both to focus on these other series and because I had to fit Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag on one of my SSDs, and it is a massive game, so I deleted the .dat folder for GW2 temporarily. Not that I won’t return to my favorite MMO, of course. Steam sales, man.

For my GW2 articles, I was planning on doing a webcomic series about each new update. This will continue as stated, once the game is back on.

Game Reviews

Game reviews are also on the list of things to write, and I’ll be choosing the lineup soon.

Closing Notes

I’m really glad to have you readers here. This year, I really want to have consistent content for you. And good content as well, now that I’m much more practiced at writing a gaming blog than I ever was before.

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