Happy New Year’s Eve from Dog House Gaming Blog

Happy New Year’s Eve, gamers out there who’ve read my blog at some point or another!

This year we had nearly 53 thousand views. This is actually less than the previous year, and that’s for a few reasons. I wasn’t really publishing any continuous series-es…-eses… for this year, instead I was writing a bunch behind the scenes, and making my friends do stuff with me and like it, for the sake of this blog.

2015 is going to be a fantastic year for this blog, if all goes well. Starting on New Year’s itself, I will start publishing the series regularly, and try to keep at least one or two main series going after that, with normal individual articles in between. A few of my friends have agreed to join the blog, and will also be doing work on upcoming articles.

But there’s many other great gaming blogs, and other kinds of blogs as well. If you’re trying to escape the clutches of the IGNs and Polygons, then you’ve come to the right place, and I hope to have you around for this next year.

Other Blogs Recommended by Dog

Writer of the Noob Rental Reviews series on Dog House Gaming Blog. She obviously has a big sense of humor, as well as a good amount of creativity in her writing. Her blog covers different styles, from stories to reviews. She also has the best use of pictures in her blog that I’ve seen in most any writing.

I’ve really not ever been a book reviews person. I read a book because it looks cool mainly, and blurbs from reviewers on the back cover or whatever are nice, and I’ll read a book based on word of mouth recommendation, but until I found Carrie Slager’s blog I never really read book reviews all that much.

All that changed when the Fire Na– when I found The Mad Reviewer. She does other kinds of articles too, but she specializes in reviewing books, dissecting tropes, and more. If you like books or are interested in writing stories, I’d suggest you take a look.

A gaming blog, in some ways not to different from the idea of my blog. To be honest, these guys cover a lot more than games. Almost too much *Inception noise*. Nah I’m kidding though, go check them out.

Now this, this right here is as gaming blog. They talk about games, and then they talk about more of them. Also, PRETTEH GRID LAYOUT IS PRETTEH! Check ’em out as well.

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