Introducing Dogcasting!

First, let me apologize, I had a plan to give you guys previews of all my series plus some extra original articles just for the occasion *takes a breath* on Christmas. But, I didn’t because of things, so I’m going to be doing it for the end of the year, starting today. There will be an index article to archive all of these posts.

First, what I’ve been doing and has been really awesome, is the new Steam Broadcasting. That link is to Steam’s site detailing the new feature (which is currently in beta, and thus is only available in the Steam Beta Client). I’ve been streaming X Rebirth and AC4, and have made a bunch of friends doing it who return to watch my and each other’s streams. Thus, I’ve started a Steam group for this, to build up my own alliance of people who like to use Broadcasting to stream or to watch streams, and because I has an ego, I have thus un-creatively named the group Dogcasting. It is public, if you’d like to join it, I’ve left a link below. If I like your streams I will publish them to the group as events, so more people can see them easily.

Dogcasting on Steam

Thanks, and be sure to look out for more articles coming at the last squeeze of 2014, including the premiere (making it sound fancy, eh Dog?) of my new game design debate series, Design Defense.

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