Interstellar is da Awesome

While I was away — moving, for your information — I got to see Interstellar. Two-and-a-half times, in fact, as I took different people to it. It’s a pretty good movie, and I recommend you see it if you at all like space ‘n’ stuff.

I consider it a bit of a spiritual successor to 2001: a Space Odyssey. In fact, it has one of the actors from 2010: a Space Odyssey. It does this though without ripping off Odyssey, but there are similar structures.

The presentation is top-notch, mixing models and CGI. It has pretty much the most intense scene I’ve ever seen, and Hans Zimmer does the score and it makes the movie seem really grand and epic. The actors do fantastic jobs, and the ending has closure, but leaves open continuation at the same time. Pacing is very good in my opinion, and they get to space quickly in the movie, with it not feeling like you’re just being dragged through backstory, but at the same time making you care about the characters who are going to be in just about the most intense scene I’ve ever seen.

Of course, if you can you should try and see the movie in IMAX, but either way the movie is stunningly done with graphics and music that it will give you da chillies either way.

Thumbs up to the Nolans for the story and great presentation, and also to the fact that the movie did not take any funding from tobacco companies, and has no smoking, which at least some people will appreciate.

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