FTL Steam Chat Co-Op Preview

Being as I’ve been quiet lately, instead of acting like I’m Activision or something and cryptically telling you I’m “working on some stupid stuff”, Imma actually show you the stupid stuff. I’m not publishing this to reddit or anywhere else, just showing this here to the people that do read my blog and like my journals. This is an extract from the series, and we already have a lot of content in it but we’re going to be doing much more before I publish it. I may abruptly end series, but I’m going to get this one going a long time.

Also thanks to my gamer friend Brooks (you can find her blog here) for writing me some software which automatically colors the chat lines in HTML coloring based on who’s name is at the start of a line. Immensely useful for this, thank you Brooks.

Anyways, here you go:

Sivuden: Day 1, zero hundred hours. The night of the rebel fleet draws long and dark across the sky, darkening the veil. We flee with the briefcase into the few stars left.
Dog G6: Stop for sushi.
Dog G6: Continue.
Sephiroth: proceeding on our escort mission, a pirate scout has other ideas
Sivuden: what can I say, great sushi place back in sector 1. Never miss a chance to stop by
Dog G6: upgrading that door system
Dog G6: for easier delivery of tepanyaki and sushi/harder delivery of fiery stuff
Sephiroth: mantis boarding, d & m are on the case
Sivuden: Unfortunately the Rebels know of the sushi-loving habits of our Captain. An AI scout appears to be tracking us as we leave.
Sivuden: A few well-placed shots to his Weapons and Drone system take him out of the fight, and shortly after out of commission.
Dog G6: more toll pirates
Sivuden: Officer Johnson, naturally, is delighted to salvage the small ship for spare parts.
Dog G6: I’m really going to be pushing the edge of the rebel fleet here
Sephiroth: encountered first shop, sold medical upgrade to buy anti-ion augment
Sivuden: As we jump, a distress beacon is detected, but ignored- our cargo is too precious to risk.
Sephiroth: stocked up on drones and fuel
Dog G6: wow I killed that ship really efficiently
Sephiroth: going to sector 2, civilian over mantis
Dog G6: just lazor to the weapons, artemis to the shield, then engines when they tried to jump
Sephiroth: limited ship upgrades but full stock of drones and ample fuel
Sephiroth: the case must reach its destination
Sivuden: A pulsar scrambles our sensors, giving Davion a headache as he attempts to repair the now-fried systems. In the meantime, Captain Lauren enjoys some leftover sushi. A shot rings the hull of the ship- pirates!
Dog G6: hired a rock crewmember to man shields at the exit beacon
Dog G6: I’m in the warning zone of the rebel fleet as well
Dog G6: oh good I get a choice between “Uncharted Nebula” and “Uncharted Nebula”
Dog G6: Just what I always wanted
Sephiroth: avoid plasma storms, the worst
Sivuden: Fortunately the enemy ship is decomissioned easily, as an ion flare destroys his Sheild room, allowing the entire volley to strike unimpeded.
Dog G6: oh booyah a store here dislikes the rebel fleet
Dog G6: they gave me 3 fuel, 2 missiles and 20 scrap
Sivuden: So far, so good. Our fuel stocks are increasing with the ships we have destroyed, and we now have a fair stock left.
Dog G6: I’m sneaking by a rebel fighter
Dog G6: uh oh mantis with a planetary defense system
Dog G6: I’m probably just gonna try to jump out of this
Dog G6: disabled their weapons
Dog G6: mantis is onboard taking out my doors
Sephiroth: docked with a ship, rebels on board, lots of fighting, oxygen down
Sivuden: On FTL powerdown Davion spies a Scout floating in space, a quick transponder check reveals its a friendly Federation craft. They ask for aid in making way to the nearest depot, offering payment with a small advance. We need supplies, and they know where a depot is. Its a deal.
Dog G6: sending Cubbin and Shirai to kill it quickly
Dog G6: took out the ship, no orbital stuff hit me woooooooo
Dog G6: that went way better than I expected xD
Dog G6: now something horrible is going to happen
Sivuden: Fortunately, Captain Lauren realises both ships are able to arrive at the depot in only one jump- a long one, but far quicker than the circituous route the captain of the scout had been implying.
Dog G6: got me a cloaking drone once again

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