Dog’s Summer

Well, my ESO guild is at 130 members, been staying busy with that. I’ve also been having fun with the Steam sales, and the Summer Sale is still on full thrust, so GOTTA GET DEM GAMEZ. Got the Civ 5 collection, and been playing Just Cause 2 and the multiplayer mod for it as well. I also spent time fanboying over No Man’s Sky after I waited for it to come to E3, and was not disappointed. I just hope it will be coming to PC, but if not, we still got Elite: Dangerous.

As for my blog stuff, I’m still slowly writing the Minecraft Towny series, and drawing a map for my X3 Humble Merchant guide (thanks to Jesse’s suggestion) as well as restructuring the guide a bit to cover some of the mid game details better and show readers more options in a quick and concise manner. Also, ESO review, and as I’m at Veteran Rank I feel I now have enough experience to cover the game properly.


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