It’s the Anniversary of DHGB!

Thanks WordPress notifications, because I totally would not have known the exact date of that. Dog House Gaming Blog has officially been around three years from today, and in that time it has seen my very inconsistent writing and my writing style that some people apparently enjoy.

Edit: Just by coincidence this is also post 200 on my blog. Thanks again WordPress notifications.

This is all good and fun because I hope for DHGB to be around for a long time, and hope it will cover many games. I would also like to get into properly writing in a somewhat conclusively-timed manner, and finish a series (it would seem that Minecraft Towny is going to be the first finished journal series, of all things.)

The games I currently play now are TF2 (got back into it, hadn’t played it for a long time) and Elder Scrolls Online, running a guild that may have hit a hundred people by now, I don’t know it was pretty close last night.

I’d like to personally thank Dennis Fieldman, Morgan, Dean, Istvan, Anthony Coglianese, jonas (for telling me about the broken link), Foxy, Samantha Lopez, and of course, DuckOnDuck (and I’m sorry other people, Duck has the best name here)


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