[Part 1] Space Engine: the Cool Stuff Chronicles

Indeed, it is time for a Space Engine journal series, because Space Engine is beyond epicsauce. This one will be a bit different, though, as it will focus quite heavily on screenshots of cool things, because finding an infinite amount of cool things in a might-as-well-be infinite universe is what Space Engine (and hopefully someday our lives) is all about.

These screens are scaled down immensely from original resolution, so that they actually fit on the page. You can view them in all their high-res glory by clicking on them, or on my SE imgur album, which also contains all my other SE screens.

I will share the coordinates of this system I explored, even though I want ALL DA GALAXEHS ALL TO MAHSELFZ. Find them at the bottom of the article.

These are all things I found today in about a forty minute session.

First off, the galaxy that this takes place in. This is next to my usual ring galaxy that I explore, and it’s the one seen on the left when I took the screenshot of the two galaxies to give some scale for my Space Engine introduction article. When I came back in SE, I was positioned in the exact spot of the screenshot, so I decided to check this galaxy out.

Galaxy on the left is where all these following screens take place; galaxy on right is my “home” galaxy that I spend most of my time exploring.

So this is the first planet I found, after going first to a star which had no objects orbiting it of any kind. This is actually a screenshot from the moon looking at the planet which I had originally found.


There’s the ring galaxy visible in the distance

Shot from the surface, also with the ring galaxy visible, ’cause if a galaxy is visible, it is necessary to sneak it in all screenshots.

Now moving on to the next planet… the “Foggy Planet”, which is a cold desert  world.

Planet also includes an epic aurora

Here’s the final planet for this post tonight, this one is a hot desert world.

Already been over this: fitting galaxies in your shots whenever you can is a requirement.

A view from the surface. It has varied colors of terrain, especially on other parts of the planet.

And as we close, here’s a badarse galaxy-shot with the sun in the foreground (that’s the sun around which all the above planets orbit)


And as promised, your coords. Have fun. Don’t go near my ring galaxy. Lol jk. Maybe. RS 0-8-12883570-580-24-6-26789-3

Gimme a Like if you liked it, and leave some comments here or on the reddit page. If you want me to make this a daily series, I will, and if you want to share your places feel free to do so and I’ll include them in an article.

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