DHGB Organization Overhaul and Writing Stuff

To make up for my time gone, I’ve been up until 3:40 in the morning working on organizing the blog.

First up, I’ve organized the categories and gotten rid of identical ones, and changed the capitalization on some to make them upper case. I’ve also added a few new categories. I will begin applying them to older articles tomorrow.

Next, and most exciting, the Index, which can be accessed by mousing the word “Index” in the top right corner of the web page. When you mouse over it, the options for Journals and Guides pops out. Clicking on Journals takes you to a list of all of my journals organized by game in alphabetical order, and you can go to any chapter in any series from that one page. (OMG HI TECH HTML LINKS OMG WTF WAFFLEBUTTER)

Mousing over Guides pops out PC Guides and Vita Guides, those useless pages that were in the topbar before, but now actually have things in them. Also organized by game, only have two guides in PC and one guide in Vita.

I will be finishing the indexes and adding older articles to the new categories tomorrow, I’ve gotta take a break as I’ve been clicking link chain symbols repeatedly for an hour or something like that. I’ve also, you know, gotta sleep and stuff.

I’m also working on some fan art of Almalexia from the Elder Scrolls series (my design of her is based off of Morrowind, ’cause I’m nerdy and that game is a whole other level of epic), which I may set as the new header to celebrate ESO’s release soon, and also to celebrate how good at art and everything else I am. Oh c’mon, don’t take my bragging seriously, I don’t take my self seriously… I really don’t take anything seriously… lol… loloolol… yup. <– quality of article increased.

Anyways, glad to be back with my readers, I’m going to be writing articles for a diverse range of games, as well as retouching articles articles for my X3 series (new editions with new info for the guides, you may woot now) and writing X: Rebirth stuff, more Fallout, maybe start writing some Dwarf Fortress if I can get back into my game (trying to restart managing a fortress mid-game after a months of absence is ridiculously hard for your brain to deal with) the completion of my Towny journal series (the first Towny journal series, anyways… *Inception sound then commercial break) and other stuff.


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