New Dog House Gaming Blog Banner!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a little bit, you’ve very likely noticed the new banner. If you’re new to the blog (I love you the same), you’ve very likely noticed the banner.

I had this idea a little while ago to have like a sarcastic banner that had negative and troll quotes about my blog — like how video game trailers will have quotes from critics about how good the game is. I decided to reverse this, and so this new banner was born.

A funny story, the morning I was working on the banner, I posted my Ender’s Game (dat’s a link, click it) article and put it on the /r/books subreddit (I then later moved it on /r/scifi and then /r/endersgame reddits instead). On the book reddit, I got one comment, and it said “Your blog sucks”, so I thought that was quite funny considering what I was working on, and I stuffed that quote right in there. He will never know that his quote is internationally famous, as I offered him no response.

Another thing with the final banner is that not all the quotes are negative, one of the larger — albiet fairly obstructed by the title itself — quotes is a positive reply to my X-Rebirth review. Another one is a quote from my friend on the /r/x3tc reddit. Pretty much all the others are negative ones though, and a few of them are from my largely popular X-Rebirth review, such as the one in the very front, under the title, which I treated somewhat like a subtitle; “Dog House Gaming Blog: ‘…the biggest load of apologetic crap I’ve read in a long time'”, which I thought was particularly funny.

This is also proof that I read feedback. Holy fuddynudders, a person who creates some kind if journalistic content that looks at feedback, how erbout dat!

Also, yes, I’ve noticed that the title is partially obstructed by the search bar, and yes, I’m annoyed by it. I accidentally put the glowey outline-y part on the same layer as the quote in the top right, so I’ll have to surgically remove them and then move the title over, which I’m much too lazy to do anytime soon.

The colors for the title glow I chose as a reference to the holy TRON, as all true gamers should worship the TRON. It was made very simply by writing the title text in white, and then writing it with the same settings but in a different color and then placed behind and slightly misplaced from the white foreground text so as to make it actually visible and give the title a little depth.

So, that is all, hope you enjoy the new banner. The banner will be updated if I find more good quotes, so please leave some comments, and give dem likes! Also be sure to Follow (via WordPress) and Subscribe (via email)!


One response to “New Dog House Gaming Blog Banner!

  1. I thought your x-reunion review was well thought out and well worded. It was also a breath of fresh air after hearing so much shit piled on top of it. Too much hivemind in the gaming review community.

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