Dog Returns to Star Trek Online

I had started playing STO right after the release of Legacy of Romulus. I had seen the game before, and always thought it was a cool idea, as I like Star Trek, I’ve watched TOS, TNG, and the two newer movies. TOS is still my favorite, and the movies after that are pretty good too (The Wrath of Khan made me tear up at the end).

Anyways, I’m glad I didn’t play STO when it originally came out, as it was in a bit of disarray. Almost like the EgoSoft of MMOs, Cryptic released an unfinished product, but turned it into an engaging and deep masterpiece later.

I didn’t stop playing it voluntarily, but at the time, a big patch came, and my drives were so close to full that BSODs were starting to happen because of cache issues and such (I stuffed way too much Total War on them essentially), so I didn’t want to detonate my computer until I cleared memory.

I actually had the game installed the entire time, even though I thought I uninstalled it. I patched up the 3Gbs the other day and have been back to playing it, when I left off I was a level 31 Romulan who had literally just gotten a Battlecruiser (I was next to the vendor when I logged in). My old fleet was inactive, so after a day I just joined a new fleet, they’re very nice and have all holdings maxed out, and are pretty active.

If you want to say hi, I’m Tek@doggsix ingame, and yes I will be doing articles (I’ve stopped being lazy with my writing, I’ve written two articles a day now for the past few days, saving them up into a large series ready for deployment. Turns out just need some wub wub music to write well) such as guides, especially being that many parts of the game are very complex and confusing and deep, especially tribble breeding (lulz).

See you around, and yes, a new edition of my X3 DERP guide is coming using feedback from various readers.

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