Dog Returns to Anarchy Online

About two years ago, I was playing Anarchy Online, doing three-sentence journals on it. Thirty seconds ago, I installed and patched it on my current rig, and I’m about to hit play.

You know where this is going, yes, more journal series for me to be lazy with, ToME, GW2 and X Rebirth stuff are in the works currently as the top priorty projects, and these AO journals will be more “full” entries this time, and guides possibly.

2014 may even be the year the new engine finally comes out, as it’s actually in a somewhat working capacity and is being beta-tested. That’s always exciting, and I’m also hoping that since the servers have been merged since I last played, and with some YouTubers starting new series’ on AO, the game might be a bit more busy.

I’ll give you my character name later, I have a huge, very complex game to relearn… yeah.

This also makes me realize how long I’ve been running this blog, it sure doesn’t seem like that long, and yet it does, it really does… time is pro troll. Anyways, for those of you that played that game, or are curious about it, hope you’ll enjoy both the AO stuff and the other articles which will be coming out in-time for the Christmas season.

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