Upcoming Guild Wars 2 Articles

Guild Wars 2 has been something I’ve been meaning to write about for a long time now. Even though I’ve played MMOs for years and years, GW2 is the first one I’ve reached level cap in, and is most likely pretty close to being the one I’ve put the most hours into, even over Myth War.

I was going to do an article regarding me capping the same week that I did that, but instead it sorta turned into a larger multi-article that I stopped working on in favour of my multiple journal series. I’m going to divide the uber-article into specialized articles, and do some other articles, possibly guides and journals, maybe even a comic series.

I also wanted to get back into the short quick blog updates again, although not quite as short as my Anarchy Online ones probably. This would be a great game to do it in, with the bi-weekly updates and just generally the massive amounts of content that it packs.

So I hope you’ll return for those, and tell your friends.


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