What Dog is Working On

Hello readers, and before I blab at you, I want to wish you a happy Veterans day, and a happy Skyrim Anniversary.

Here it is, I’m going to tell you what I’ve been (very lazily) working on.

First up, this is what I’ve been even delaying my Fallout: New Vegas journals for (ah yes, for you that read that, Fallout: New Vegas will be having a delay, as I’m lazy, and am working on what is in the following text):

Double Derp Skyrim: basically it’s Steam chat of me and my friend, both running lots o’ mods, and having crazy stuff happen. It is entirely Steam chat, and thanks to some fantastic PHP programming sorcery from my friend Brooks (who will be making an appearance in these), I’ll be able to have it all colored based on who is talking. I’m expecting this to come out this week, as between me and my friend (mainly me, as I spam), we’ll be able to build up a salvo, so hopefully you’ll have maybe a few different ongoing Steam chat series, my X guides, and the other more formal journals.

X: Rebirth Journals and Guides (obviously): I will of course be doing these, I have to, both because I love dafudge out of X (I have been playing since X2, remember?), and also because people like me playing it for some odd reason 😉 I will most likely not be getting the game on launch day, probably like a week after instead. Also, let’s plays are out of the question until I get more space, so that will be a bit after my journals and guides start going. I will be discussing the other format I’ve devised for the journal on reddit today, if people want me to do them that way.

Tales of Maj’Eyal Reviews, Guides, and Possibly Steam Chat Series: For those of you who don’t know what the long name referenced there is, (it’s ToME, for short) it’s a free game which is fairly widely regarded as one of, if not the best roguelike game. Now, I’m not comparing this to Dwarf Fortress, as while they are similar games, they play way differently, especially as you usually play DF for the, well, Dwarf Fortress mode anyways. DarkGod (the dude who makes ToME) has given me permission to post the links to my ToME articles on the actual forums, so that’s awesome. Thanks DG (yeah, a developer who actually talks to his players, who knew)

Also, ToME has been around in multiple forms, all made by DarkGod. It originally was a rewrite of PernAngband, and thus was Lord of the Rings based (ToME at that time stood for Troubles of Middle Earth). Then, he made ToME 2, and TomeNET, which was a multiplayer variation, and then ToME 3 was in development, but from what I understand he dropped the Lord of the Rings setting, and instead created Tales of Maj’Eyal as you now know it. (Yeah, a game journalist who actually plays the games on his own and looks at them and researches them. In a way, I’m an inverted journalist, as I’m a gamer first, and maybe lazily write about them later if I feel like it)

So here’s a link to the game te4.org

More Fallout and Mount and Blade: Yes, I will be trying to continue these series, even with my sometimes short attention span when writing. I’ve been writing the fifth part of F:NV off and on for a week now. I’ll even be adding Warband when I continue my M&B stuff.

Dwarf Fortress: Yup, I may attempt to take over the reddit other game that Dwarfentstein plays. (You may know him from the X3 reddit). Yes, DF was one of the games I’ve tried to overheat my gaming rig on. Yes, it’s fantastic, and after I took a break after Portal 2 went on Steam sale, I forgot how to do jack-shoot.

Guild Wars 2: for a while I had a grand idea to do illustrated comic-style reviews of each GW2 update. Now, I’ve kind taken a break from GW2, but I believe I’ll come back to it again, just because I do keep coming back to it again. I mean, I’ve put a fair amount more than 200 hours into that game (ooooh yeah, you’re a “hardcore” gamer, eh Dog?), in-between my long sessions of Portal 2 custom maps and Skyrim and Fallout and, um, Total War and such. Yeah, I may write about it at some point. Don’t know what I have to do, though, as I resigned from my big guild, as I talked waaay to fast for them MMO player’s liking (sorry, years of X2/X3, Battlefield, Joint Ops and IL-2 do that to ya, it’s called Ubermicro). I still do have my original GW2 guild, they kinda returned after a long break, so now I’m one of the semi-veteran members of that.

More Writers: Also, I’d like to have more writers coming on. Karmavorous may be writing X3 guides here soon, and it’d be great to turn DHGB into a team of gamers (as opposed to journalists who don’t understand X and DF and all those games, it bugs me soooo much when they’re put on some absolutely badarse game like X, and then they’ll just say cliche stuff because, hey, they don’t know WTF these games are about). So, as a requirement, you write what you wanna write about, but you need to actually like what you’re writing about. K? Mkay. So ask me on reddit (DogG6), leave a comment here, or ask me on Twitter, idk, just get ahold of me some how if you want to write and you’re good at it/like to do it. Also, you don’t need fantastic grammar or spelling, I can edit for you if you want, but since we’re all gamers here, gamerspeak is fine. Just be funny, and informative, in the way that I only sometimes am.

So yeah, that pretty much sums up what I’ve been/will be working on. Leave comments here, or message me on reddit. And do some likin’ as I like when you do that… hehe…he.


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