(Part 3) Dog “Mines” His Own Business in Fallout: New Vegas


You can read the first part here and the second (previous part) here.


At the top of the hill, I find an NCR outpost, so I begin looking for sidequests. I do love me dem sidequests.

I do manage to find two, actually, one is to go shoot some critters on the highway… think they may have been giant ants; and the other is to go checkout the nearby town of Nipton to see if it’s @!#$ed or not.
Conveniently the ant quest is on the way to Nipton, so that’s convenient and stuff.

Coming up on the overpass which has lots o’ ants, I get my laser pistol out, ready for pew pew. I had bought some ammo from the trade caravan before leaving, so I don’t have to go Kurosawa on everyone’s grannies yet.

The ants don’t know why dafluff their overpass has turned into a bad reenactment of the first pew-pew scene of the first Star War. They probably are wondering why I am shooting licorice made of pure light at them. They are not wondering whether to kill me or not, as their council already decided on this.

I am laying down suppressing pew-pew, as my good friend, myself, shoots at the ants in lots of cool slow-mo ways. I rush in down the into the ruins of the highway on-ramp, and make my way into cover behind a car. My rifle is getting low again, so I throw a dynamite over a car and blow two larger ants into the sky. There are still a few ants that are hiding somewhere above the on-ramp, so I start charging up the other side to find them.

The come charging down the other side to find me, though, so I’m backpedaling while just emptying those rifle mags Band of Brothers style at them critters. I pull the machete out and reopen the Tepanyaki restaurant.


Next. I go up the road a bit and find the town of Nipton, or what’s left of it.

A geeky-lookin’ dude comes running up to me saying he’s won the lottery. Talking to him further just cements my understanding that he has, indeed, won the lottery. He runs by me, and I debate whether to shoot him to see what the lottery prize was or not. I don’t, because the town that’s on fire seems much more interesting to me.

I check in one of the first buildings, and find a dude who was crippled by the Legion. He explains that the lottery was about who would get killed and/or tortured, and in what way, and the dude who won it was let free. So I run up the stairs and loot stuff. Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what I looted, but I believe it was something cool that I was excited about using.

Don’t worry, I’m getting to the point with the “mine” craft.

So I go outside, and walk up the main road towards the town hall. There are a bunch of Legionnaires outside of it, with their battlepuppies standing by. The general or whatever dude talks to me, and tells me that I’m a badarse, and should execute him and all his troops with machete. Nah he told me that I should tell everyone how much of a badarse I am [tell everyone what the Legion did to Nipton], before him and his battalion of troops then left down the road.


Now, I’m actually not sure why I didn’t shoot him, that was probably an option, but I think it was a mix of that I didn’t want to go to war with a faction when all I have is a broad machete, and I also want to loot the buildings, and I also wanted to know a bit about each faction first. Notice I didn’t say I didn’t want to kill this particular troop because of only a broad machete? Yeah, I still believe I totally could’ve ended their battalion of Legionnaires with just my broad machete.

I go in the townhall, in a low crouch (as opposed to a high crouch), and step over the counter in the corner.


My face explodes from a land mine.

It turns out it just damaged my legs a bit. Being the pro gamer I am, I instinctively started trying to jump back over the counter, but that ended up in me getting stuck on it and bunnyhopping to no avail into invisible sky walls or something. I’m good at avoiding mines once I hear beep beep beep, I’m just not good at avoiding mines before then. I’m not proactive about explosive things.

I then walk across the room, and some more mines go off in my face. I turn my light on, but then I notice some red blips moving around on the map. I see a legion mongrel come around the corner, and try to turn it off quickly but really only opening my status tab several times in rapid succession. I KNOW THAT MY FLIPPING LEG GOT FLIPPING BLOWN DA FLIP OFF, THANKS CARL SAGAN COMPUTER FOR THE INFO!

It sprints and leaps towards me, freaking me out, so I midair behead it no V.A.T.S. with my brooooaaaad machete.

After looking through the place a bit more, I find nothing interesting except for more mongrels, and head back outside, because these landmines are not making me happy.


I report back in to the Forest Service [NCR] trade station and turn in my quests. I explain to the camping sniper on the roof how I single-handedly took out an entire squadron of landmines, and saved the town from burning (any further).

I also got some bottlecaps and stuff.

After that, I slept and headed back to Goodsprings, to try and find a route to New Vegas, ’cause I wanted to go see it. But this chapter was really short, and so will my lifespan be in the next part of Dog Plays New Vegas. You want to know why? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with D, and then has a center made of eathclaw, and ends with ran out of futhammucking laser pistol ammo.


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