Dog is Playing Fallout: New Vegas, Want a Journal Series?

I know, I know, is the main thing my blog is known for currently, but X: Rebirth (which I WILL be playing) is still a little ways off, and I haven’t reinstalled X3 yet.

I had bought Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition on Steam sale for I believe it was… five bucks. I installed it the other day and have been playing it quite a bit since. I wanted to know, you people who actually find this, if you think I should do a Dog Plays Fallout: New Vegas series while waiting for the new X. Tell me in the comments below, and if I feel like it, I may just start writing them out anyways.


5 responses to “Dog is Playing Fallout: New Vegas, Want a Journal Series?

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    • *Trying to comprehend compliment… reboot DogBrain32… NVIDIA Logo…Startup Complete*

      Wow, uh… thanks! I guess that settles it, I’m doing F:NV then!

      Sorry I stopped doing X3. I’ll admit I got a bit lazy, and I knew to really get anywhere I had to build complexes, and to build complexes would mean precision button-mashing on the numpad, and just some of those menus for X3 can be very… silly.

      Really, I think just how hard it was to build a complex just made me be like “I can ping-pong the numpad all day OR I can go play all the games I got in Steam sales… but people like my stuff, and if I don’t write I’ll be a horrible person… *Starts Skyrim up and slow-mo beheads a bandit and then fus ro dahs his girlfriend off a cliff, and then watches a command pod full of kerbals, sitting on the top of a very wobbly rocket, explode* aauuauauurgggh I left my readers I’M A HORRIBLE PERSON I must now go backstab a bunch of snipers on plr_hightower to drown my guilt auuughgghghguurlglglglge”

      Good luck deciphering that, and really, thanks so much,.I will start writing right away!

      I had started work on more X3, and I wanted to get a salvo of articles setup to fire back-to-back, but then the new Rome Total War came out and it ended up in me totally reorganizing my tiny SSDs.

      I had actually always worried that my writing was too random and jumbly during my journals, but people like it, so I will stop having denial about how much of a badarse I am 😉

      I already have a great idea with how to open the Fallout first Fallout journal >:D

      • I’m glad i’m able to push you in the ”right” direction. Well, i started playing X3 after reading your journal and thus i understand your complex building pain – and i have a suspicion that the writing will suffer if you feel like it’s a ”job” to write, instead of enjoying it.

        The randomness and jumble is part of your routine and it’s a joy to read, makes it incredible easy to indulge in the journal compared to other more, sterile journals.

        – Looking forward to FN journal!

      • I thought you’d like to know that the first journal for Fallout: New Vegas is out, published it earlier tonight, right before playing some more and getting stuck in an irradiated vault. But that’s a ways off, so spoilers and stuff.

        Hope you like it, and tell me what you think once you’ve read it!

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