Steam Sales Rock

I decided to start doing those short quick posts I used to do, which described general randomness and my thoughts on general randomness, in random terms. Of course, my blog didn’t have 300 views a day when I did three-sentence posts of what I sucked at in Anarchy Online or a couple paragraphs on why I generally liked Hunger Games but wished it was more brutal all 28 Days/Weeks later style, but knew that was not gonna happen because the majority of people who watches it would flip out if all of the combat was 28 Weeks later style.

Summer Steam sales, and Steam sales in general basically really rock, as you can get lots and lots of games for very, very cheap. Games aren’t only acquired at Christmas time. Sometimes you’re generous enough to give all your money to Steam so you can give yourself a gift, and if you do it during a Steam sale, particularly one of the really big ones, you’re going to get much more than you can fit on a hard drive, or indeed, in your life. Fallout: New Vegas for $5? *Throws money at screen* Half-off Skyrim expansions? *Throws money at screen* 75% off Portal 2? *Throws money at screen* Cheap random indie games that look really cool? *Throws money at screen* Cheap Total War and expansions? *Starts a RuneScape gold-farming scheme involving time-travel, ponies, samurai and cake, then uses money from that to fund advertisements for crowd-funding a new pickle jar opener design and an accompanying MMORPG game for the pickle jar opener brand, which would then spawn seven expansions, all based on sandwich condiments and rocket launchers, involve time-travel and cake in that somehow, tell the samurai the cake is a lie while using the cake to bribe Todd Howard to tell me what the next Elder Scrolls will be called; ride the pony to buy another cake, and then time-travel back in time several times to somehow duplicate the cake and profit, and then giving them to my past self before I start the entire process, possibly preventing any of that from happening, possibly exploding the multiverse, and/or possibly ending up with two Dogs which could join your Red Orchestra 2 and TF2 servers at the same time to ruin your life, and lots of cake*

VALVE may not know how to count to three, but they know percentages really well, so they can sell you games for really cheap.

*Looks at Zemanta recommendations and sees links to the Wikipedia pages for “cake is a lie”, “Randomness” and “Throws”.* I really should just have a blog entirely about Zemanta, but the problem there would be that it wouldn’t recommend anything. Who am I kidding, it’d recommend Wikipedia pages for “The”, “Slushies”, and “cake samurai portals”. If it got really desperate, it might recommend “Dog House Gaming Blog”. Who knows. I love you Zemanta, you’re like if the pathing for Skyrim was always funny. Skyrim rocks though, but the pathing, man.

This article doesn’t really have a point, but I like Steam sales. Hurray for VALVE monopolies, or near monopolies! I still don’t understand why game development companies have such a hard time counting to three. Should do an article on that.

Thanks for reading, and thanks Zemanta for recommending “randomness”. Hit the nail on the head there.


2 responses to “Steam Sales Rock

  1. Hey, for what it’s worth, I think your post is great, but I do have to say it is quite hard for our aggregator to find the main point. Which is probably why you had so many random (probably non-relevant) suggestions. As you already mentioned — it’s hard to find a certain, single topic (so to speak) of this blog post.

    Please don’t get me wrong — your post is super interesting, funny and complexly written. But in this case it’s kinda hard for our aggregator to give you the recommendations you want.

    Which is why we encourage our users to use the ‘search bar’, to pinpoint what you are looking for. I hope this will give you better results than the ones that showed up automatically.

    Let me know what you think or if you have any more questions — I’ll gladly help!

    Take care & have a nice day!


    • No problems thanks.

      Don’t worry, I know about the search bar, and it’s very useful in finding both relevant links and images.

      Randomness is just something I do, so I wasn’t really knocking Zemanta, just thought the recommendations are funny, because I say the most extremely random stuff.

      Thanks though, and it’s awesome that Zemanta seeks to help their users.

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