Yeah, Gonna Write Soon (Diskpocalypse)

For some reason I thought “Diskpocalypse” was extremely funny when I wrote that in the title. Probably ’cause I just woke up. Also, I don’t know how many people will actually read this, as I’m not going to spam it on the X3 reddit, as it’s not directly related to X3, but includes X3 as a side.

Anyways, I’ve been battling with Steam being silly, my drives pouring sillysauce (compliments of Steam) all over themselves, new games to distract me from ordering pizza, and my internet just sillysploding all over the place. Tha’ts a lot of silly.

Anyways, now that I’ve fixed stuff (mostly, internet is still fairly silly from time to time), there will still be no articles simply because I’m lazy. So yeah.

I’m kidding, I’ve actually got an entire Minecraft journal series of how I very quickly constructed the second largest town on a Towny server which has 800+ players on at any moment, in the works. Granted, that number is devided between Factions, Creative and Towny, but still, that’s a lot of players, especially when you consider that it stays well above that number around the clock just about. Also, I use generous amounts of lava buckets to fight people with godswords.

And then I have another journal about my next town on that same server which exploded the previous world, so I’m building a new one, and this time I use /sethome and my fists to repeatedly beat the chivalrous butternog out of people with godswords and diamond armor.

And then, I’m going to play more X3, and I had actually achieved… something (I think) after the last journal and before Steamblivion. Probably should’ve put this paragraph at the top… as this is the only one my readers would actually give a snuffle about… but now I get to make some humour out of it /\ ____ /\ Yes, my saves are fine, as I encased them in corundum, and then smothered them with Miracle Whip to keep, well, everything away, and then I spammed CTRL+V, and everything’s good.

Next, I would’ve been writing Borderlands 2 guides, but I was too busy playing Borderlands 2, so I forgot where all the chests are :/

And then, I have Guild Wars 2, and it’s awesome, and I may write something about that, I don’t know, a review or something, maybe a guide for what you should actually expect out of the game instead of being disappointed that it’s not designed around you and your buddies to fight the same boss repeatedly for the next seven years of your life. Instead, I want to help you see why this is the first MMO since Wallstreet that’s been actually unique and dynamic.

And I also got BF3, which is awesome gameplay-wise, but at least a third of the squads I join have at least one aim-hacker spinning around in our spawn for the entire game, and everyone else bunnyhops around the rest of the map with snipers that take out 90% of your health in one shot and fire faster than Jacky Chan can punch you, while whining “DONT USE DA MORTRS NOOB!” because then their sniper game would be ended, and then you find out that the server kills you for using mortars or tanks, because those would be too effective against snipers and/or engineers with pistols who shoot into the sky and magically kill everyone.

Now, BF3 games can be like that, but it’s not always like that, it’s actually usually only part of the previous example, you’re much more likely to have a fairly enjoyable experience knifing people and shooting the sides of building with grenade launchers, which collapse on an entire enemy squad and you get instant profit$$$$$$$$. Well, that’s how I play at least. And you’ll have slightly less cheesyness from your fellow players than Battlefield 2, so that’s a plus.

Tip: Team Deathmatch is where da haxors are at, but you can get a ton of kills (100+) in a single game on that mode. Tha’ts why the haxors are there of course, but for you it’s just risk/reward, and grenades can take care of things if you spam them enough.

Anywho, thanks for reading this, hope someone actually will see the tiny link in the giant black sidebar that says the name of this article.


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