Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Chapter 13


Since playing last, my brain has been defragged and I’ve re-remembered what X3 is all about. One of my goals in X3 was to turn RioYeti Conglomerates into RioYeti Interspace, meaning I’d have my economic hands all over the galaxy. That means I need to build some stuff in other race’s territory.

Ironically, the Paranid like me now, after not liking me too much when I started off. Also, the Bor- *BLOOP! (with slight echo)* I get a message that one of my traders sucks at life and another trader who doesn’t beat him to a trade. Time for execution by mass Discoverer ramming. Nah I’m kidding, I don’t even need to do that on purpose.

Anyways, I think either the Boron or Teladi would be awesome to trade with, as they’re closer and I like them. I happen to know that one of the two likes wheat, and this doesn’t help me one bit because I don’t know which one likes it. Goooood. We have options though.

  1. Bother someone on the X3 reddit about it.
  2. Bother someone on the X3 forums about it.
  3. Take a few minutes on Google getting an answer
  4. Take a few minutes to actually look at the layout of stations near both race’s space and check prices. Maybe even buy a scanner license or whatever it’s called and start scanning cargoholds like a baws. I’ll probably need to buy a few scanner licenses, I don’t know.

But obviously, the last two, especially the last one, is unrealistic for me to do.

I’m kidding.

Mkay you’re getting tired of that kind of joke now that I’ve used it twice in the fist few paragraphs.  So let’s do the last one like a baws.


I take a few second to realise that my Personal Info screen is not going to let me do anything else until I close it, and then the magic begins. Looking at The Wall, and finding the wheat farms I had seen before, and then hearing that a Boron flu outbreak is happening on the station I’m on (wonderful, that’s the best station announcement so far), it is decided that I will be travelling in my Discoverer and equipping it with a scanning license, but then I realize that that is almost totally pointless when I could just go look what stations buy wheat in my map, and so I close my property screen and feel like an idiot, and then I write about feeling like an idiot, and then I look at the fluffdarn map for snuggie sake.

It is made apparent that the Borons use delaxian wheat as a secondary resource in quite a few of their factories. But, this area of space looks like it’s getting a pretty good supply of wheat, so this may not be the place to produce wheat myself. It may, however, be a good place to either trade wheat and wheat-centric goods, or to produce items which require wheat to make.

Just real quick, I hope Rebirth has less… economic hand-holding, and lets economies actually go to absolute butternog. That would just be awesome if they really made it an economic simulation, and I still do love your work EgoSoft, but I really want a full economy, with everything, or at least almost everything, having to be actually produced. I think that’s a reasonable request at this point in gaming technology.

Let’s take a look at some other cross-race goods. Looking at Ceo’s Buckzoid and Menelaus’ Frontier, it becomes apparent that the Teladi in Ceo’s Buckzoid are producing teladianium for the biogas factories in Boron space. Hmmm, industry to produce in or trade in?

Now, I’m going to stop your thinking process here. This goes for you too pixel_pete (shoutout!). Before you say I’m not accomplishing anything, besides that probably being true, I am simultaneously learning and informing you readers of possible trading and production opportunities which you may not have known about.

Oh, did I mention that after the last chapter I found out that Kingdom End is an awesome place to trade naturals in the commodity market? I’ll have to update my stock guide soon once I study the movements a little more closely, but they seem to act similar to many of the other naturals markets. But, they have many more stocks which are highly profitable, with the possibility of making you up to ten-or-more-million in a good run, at least from what I can tell from current trading. If you’re even half-decent at trading, you should be able to get yourself like four- or five- million per run.

While looking at the stations on the Argon/Boron/Teladi borders, I make sure my ships are trading between my two complexes in Herron’s Nebula. It seems they are, as they’re of course set to acquire goods at best price, and there’s no better price than free. So yeah, I have a complex of complexes.

Also, in the time of writing that last paragraph, I bought some jumpdrive components when they were at an index of 150, and sold them at 55, doubling the credits that were put in, and netting me an extra 700k. I also buy Terran high-tech goods, as they’ve gone to index 174, and seem to be climbing still.

I seriously need to have a better balance of playing and writing, as doing this as I write is making me mostly, well, write, instead of play.


I look at teladianium on the Seizewell market, and it has an index of 16. Either this commodity really fluctuates, or it doesn’t have sufficient supply, and is thus a good opportunity to start interspacial production.

It also looks like Split use Teladianium, and their stations seem to have a severe shortage from what I can tell. Maybe they’re just going through a dry period, because that can happen in X3, and you’ll screw yourself if you make too large a bet on one of these trollconomy situations.


But, before I can actually get to doing anything, I’m notified that I have low hard disk space. I find out that Steam is copying Total War over and over again, because it thinks that is really bleeping funny. Sorry about that guys, but I’ll be a little delayed until I reinstall X3, but I’ve fixed Steam by reinstalling it in a different location (after it uninstalling itself of course -_-) and uninstalling all of my games. I’m still in the process of restoring the games, and don’t worry, all my saves are nice and safe in backup folders and whatnot. Sorry about that.

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  2. It’s a good idea not to grow your TS-supplied complex to large; or you’ll be spending more on resources than you profit from the demand for your product. My mistake, when I first started paying, was to grow my weedplex too far. 40 Dream Farms and 40 Bliss Places sounds profitable, but the constant need to gather energy cells, simply became more effort and cost ineffective, than it was worth. And the diminishing returns was very discouraging. But honestly, while you can make money off complexes that require the resources to be shipped in; I’ve found that after a while, I get sick of having to manage so many TS’s. After the first half dozen or so complexes, it becomes too unwieldy, to try and micromanage them all.

    Self-sufficient loops are where it’s at. No need to manage CAGs, and every product produced, is done free of charge (minus the initial setup cost). So if demand ever does slow down, you haven’t built yourself into financial corner of diminishing returns. You’ll just over produce, at no extra production cost, and it’ll sit there, until someone comes to buy it. Fund your complex building with stock market trading and – if you were smart enough to lay down a bunch of satellites – Sector/Universe Trading (make liberal use of the Trade MK3 blacklist; which comes with the authorized Bonus Pack on the Egosoft site).

    Just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Start of with low-profit yield complexes (like lasers/missiles), and build your way up. Not only will you set a good financial foundation to increase profit output, but you will be able to supply your fleets for free, for having the foresight to build up some weapons factories. Food loops will also help to stabilize the local economies (which leads to better chances of being able to find the resources you need, which you aren’t producing), as many of the factories are in desperate need of Cahoonas, BoFu, etc. Just don’t waste time with shield complexes. Shields can be found all over the place, from the Universe map, so long as you took the time to lay down a proper satellite network.

    And Teladianium, is always in high demand.

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