Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Chapter 12

This chapter (and possibly future chapters), is special in that it will be written while I’m playing. So enjoy whatever that does for the articles.

Yes, I stopped being a lazy little gamer playing Borderlands and Minecraft and STO (all at the same time) over X3. You guys actually genuinely like my journals, and so I decided that I need to stop just playing games for fun, but to again play games for the fun of me and my readers. X3 may be a slow game at times, and I may be at a slow part. So I’m up early in the morning, and I’m gonna make more journals and guides for X3, and not let my blog be a derelict of forgotten dreams and abandoned McGriddles.


Welp, I guess the dude on Reddit who said I’d be kidnapped back to X3 in a month was spot-on.

I’m sitting at one of my complexes in Herron’s Nebula. I open the Steam dashboard and start typing what you just read, and then you saw me typing about my typing, and then I type about typing about typing, and it turns into Typeception.

I also realize I don’t remember hotkeys, and I’m als not achieving anything by sitting here. So, I look through the station’s landed ships for some reason, and continue to question WTF I was trying to gain when I left off. Probably weapons. And I need money for weapons. Let’s make money.

This goal is not really helpful to me either right now, because I have more important matters to deal with, such as the fact that I’ve played too much Star Trek Online now and I’m trying to control acceleration with the Q and E keys, which only controls spinning-really-diprippin’-fast-acceleration. MAH MIND IS NOT PREPARED FOR DA X3S!

I undock, and see that there’s a lightbulb mission at one of the mines. Flying there, I press C, and nothing happens, so I think I forgot the command for that. I click on the station and open the menu, and it shows that it is C, but I’m not in range.

This is a point at which I stop for a whole twenty minutes while talking to my friend (the one who hosted the Minecraft Classic server I used to be an op for, at the beginning of my blog.) and writing these last two paragraphs. Achieventationing is haaaard!

So I open the stock exchange.


It just so happens that I had made 120k on spacefuel, and in Seizewell three of the naturals are in the index of the 120s. Terran High-Tech Goods, Weapon Interface Chips, and Construction Equipment. Hehehehe I still understand and am thrilled by this, and I buy all of the shares in each.

And then I wait.

But then I decide waiting is not all that productive, and I remember I wanted something in… er… *opens galaxy map* Kingdom End. Like a tractor beam or rare weapon or something.

So I get in the Shadowshard and set a course for Burger King(dom end). Oh hur hur funnytown.

I’m also delighted to see a giant green squid thing undocking from my complex. Yay I make da moneyz. I think those are Borons. Yup pretty sure.

As I’m flying through Three Worlds, I check the market, and find that each natural has made between 1.5m and 2m, and so I’ve tripled the money I put in: I deposited 2m, got a total of 6m out. Not bad.

At this point I start getting a headache for whater reason.

As I fly into Kingdom End, I realize two things. First, the music for this sector is awesome, and second, I don’t have a satellite for stock trading here. What I still don’t realize, is what the heck I’m trying to get here.

I read the last chapter of the journal to try and get a clue from my past self like it’s Cloud Atlas or something. My past self was a self-proclaimed pro at X3, so let’s see…

Building more ‘plexes to support other ‘plexes. Not happenin’ until I download a .zip file on how do do everything into my brain and unpack it with 7zip.

Oh wait… I don’t remember if I told you guys this ever, but I remembered that I added an argnu beef farm or whatever to my cahoona bakery. Guess I’ve got the two complexes part covered. Thanks previous Dog version šŸ˜‰


I was sitting there reading a reddit post about how Karmavorous has a game save for X3AP 3.0. Karma is awesome, he knows everything about the game. Shoutout to him. Typout. Whatever.

This also makes me wonder, do I need to reinstall the plugins…? Hmmm, I’ll have to look that up later, hopefully nothing blows itself up over this.

…I looked it up, there’s no new versions of the bonus pack yet, so hopefully it’s fine for 3.0.

I think I’ve now been officially sitting in Kingdom End for a half an hour now. Steam says I’ve played 89 minutes. Wow, nice. It feels good to be back and know that I’m finally writing more X3 stuff. I’ll be back to playing X3 regularly I think, along with Skyrim, Total War, STO and Minecraft and Borderlands 2. Such is the way of the hardcore PC Gamer.

Erm, on-topic, I checked out the stations here trying to jog my memory of what I wanted to buy. It might’ve been weapons for my the Starfall, my Heavy Centaur. Hmm. Concussion Impulse Generators and HEPTs sound good. Those might’ve been things I was trying to get. Actually I think it was the CIGs. There’s also Ion Disruptors… these things aren’t in stock, which furthers my theory that I wanted them, because all the cool stuff is always nowhere to be found.


I tell myDiscoverer to come here and dock at the military outpost, but then I remember that I could just have the Discoverer take care of it’s own satellite deployment without me flying it around. Duh. So I give it orders to do that.

I also take a look at the Seizewell Exchange again. I’ve been almost entirely without use of SETA because I’ve been writing this. At first, it doesn’t look like there’s anything exciting, but then I notice a Terran High-Techs at 99. So I buy some of them as they flip into the red, and then piggy more.

The same two other stocks follow. Hmmmmm, it’d be interesting to see what’s going on in Seizewell that’s now made these three stocks power players.

And then in WordPress I see that the Wikipedia page for McGriddles is a recommended link. Life is complete.

While typing this, I realize that it doesn’t show me having any stocks of WICs. Guess I forgot to buy those or something? Entered the wrong command?

My Discoverer is already here. All without SETA. Just waiting for him to get to the factory. Yup.

While waiting I start thinking about how it’s sorta cool that I’m writing to peopleĀ in the future. And then I think that maybe I should’ve used moreĀ italicsĀ in this article. I don’t know why.

My Doscoverer docks there, and then — OH FLIPPING FANTASTIC FLAPJACKS JUST FANTASTIC Ā all four satellites that were there are gone now gruaaaaaglgrgrguuurrgle. Sometimes, you just want to watch the galaxy burn… when they beat you to the sats. That was gonna be, like, the first thing I’ve achieved in the chapter.

Welp, thanks for reading, and sorry for being gone for a while there. Hope you enjoyed this chapter of nothing happening really. Like and subscribe if you’d like.

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3 responses to “Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Chapter 12

  1. One of the first things I build in Albion Prelude, is a self-sustaining Advanced Satellite complex (you can map it out with a complex calculator, like the one at Those things are so ridiculously useful to have, your first week of playing. After that, it’s just a steady money maker.

    • Awesome, thanks!

      Yup I heard satellites were very profitable, and I can believe it, as it’s always hard to acquire satellites from the factories.

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