Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Part Six


I start flying South, past the Paranid sectors. This leads me down to Ministry of Finance, and then East to Perdition’s End, and Southeast to Heaven’s Assertion.

The skies of Heaven’s Assertion are blue, with some amazingly epic planets, and are dominated by a supernova which bathes the sector and the surrounding planets in a bright, glowing light.


That’s one heck of a cool skybox. Good job, crazy German artists! ūüėČ That planet is 3D though. X3 is a classy game.

Heaven’s Assertion contains a supernova which the Paranid believe is a portal to a higher dimension. I believe it’s an extremely cool-looking skybox, but that’s probably why the Paranid didn’t originally like me. They still actually don’t like me enough to let me stock trade from their exchanges.

Let me say this about Heaven’s Assertion: It looks really friggin’ cool. I mean, it is really awesome looking.

There are actually quite a few impressive-looking sectors down in this part of the universe. I can’t name any of them off of the top of my head, except for Heaven’s Assertion and Contorted Dominion, but there are certainly other amazing sectors around there.

In Heaven’s Assertion, I dock at a station there, and start stock trading to fund the acquisition of a Heavy Centaur.

I trade spacefuel, as I know how to trade it. I need to make more money than spacefuel can make me. My wallet has outgrown the profitability of spacefuel.

Ministry of Finance seems to suck as an exchange. So I look at Seizewell. I don’t find anything profitable at the moment, it’s mainly either stuff which will almost never make profit, and other stuff which isn’t at a profitable index right now, but has the possibility to be profitable at some other time.


Later, at the same station, I check the Seizewell exchange again. A large variety of Natural commodities are above ninety in index, with some above one-hundred. Time to piggly-wiggly some stocks.

I buy everything as it flings into the red, getting it at the minimum price, and getting a larger amount of stocks than would normally be available (the total amount of outstanding stocks for a given commodity is always twice the amount of the Supply).

The Naturals’ index¬†initiates a dive bombing-run, meaning the price becomes a Saturn V rocket, launching into high orbit of planet Stinkin’ Rich.

I stay there making many more trades from the Seizewell and Argon Prime exchanges. My bank account is starting to look like Warren Buffet’s by now (that’s possibly an exaggeration, especially since real stock trading is a good deal harder), and I’m ready to start mapping out some more sectors while I save up for some toys.


Travelling further East, I enter Contorted Dominion. This is another really cool looking sector, which looks cool.


That’s not the lava planet from Star Wars as far as I know.

There is a military base here, and I take some time to sit in it and stock trade some more. I’m able to¬†consistently trade, and make some more profit. But there’s a mission here.

I look at it, and I decide it would be fun to do a mission. This one is a deliver ship mission. I’m supposed to deliver an Octopus.

It takes me a little bit to figure out that I’m expected to actually¬†buy¬†the ship and deliver it. Oh.

I have no idea where a shipyard is, so I start flying deeper into Boron space.

I come across whatever corporation’s headquarters, I think Atreus’s. It looks cool, but the giant fleet around it looks cooler.

After flying for a short while, I remember you can ask people for directions. Duh. I do that. They tell me there is a shipyard beyond whatever gate, and so I fly beyond whatever gate.

The sector I enter looks to be orbiting the same planet as Queen’s Harbour (where the Atreus HQ is), and it’s pretty impressive, with a rainbow-colored planet that looks like a giant sphere of smushed purple and green Mike & Ike’s. Nothing in this sector really looks like a shipyard, but there’s something cool over there. I guess it is¬†a shipyard. If there isn’t an Octopus at it, though, I will not be in my best mood.

Spamming the down arrow and PAGEDOWN keys, I find an Octopus. Looks good to me. END key, enter.

I also buy some engine tuning, as it’s cheap enough that it won’t make me lose money after the reward money, and it will help me make sure I actually¬†do¬†get any reward money, after I bobbled around the galaxy a little bit before finding the shipyard.


I tell it to fly to the military base in Whatevered Dominion, and then I take a screenshot of it once I realize it looks pretty cool.


Boron ships actually look kinda cool.

 Arriving back at the military outpost just in time, I receive the reward money, which is just a few thousand credits. Whoo, these missions are great! I used fifty-or-whatever-thousands-of-credits to get these three thousand! This is really gonna add to my two-dozen-million-credit wallet!

The upside, though, is I get some reputation, which may be more profitable in the long run… maybe not more profitable, as I would probably buy stuff (military ships) from them, but it will be fun. Although I could’ve just ran some wheat from Argon space to Boron space… and actually made a profit… and good rep… yeaaaaaaah.

I install a jumpdrive and a docking-computer on my Discoverer, and then I decide to head back. I’ve found a lot of stuff, and I’m ready to go buy me some weapons.

As always, thank you very much for reading! Sorry this was a day late, but last week’s chapter was a day early, so I guess we’re good? I really hadn’t planned it that way. Anyways, please leave a “like” and some comments if you enjoyed it, and maybe even a follow (via WordPress) or if you subscribe (via email) it would be deeply appreciated. And be sure to come back next week for… er… um… sorry, I got distracted by a picture of Mike & Ike’s which Zemanta shoved in my face. Oh yeah, come back next week for another chapter… darn there’s a picture of actual Mike & Ike’s too.

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