A List of Games That Dog Approves of

I, of course, like games very much. You figured that out. Good.

I’ve been playing many games recently, and have even been writing journals of some of them. I still want more games, of course, because I will always want more games. I am randomely posting this because I can, even though my finger hurts like flapplewappins for some reason.

I have also included links to the game’s websites, so you can check them out and see if you like them. Since I’m such an awesome hardcore gamer role-model, I’m sure everyone here will want to play the games I play. 😉


X3: Terran Conflict 2.0 Box

X3: Terran Conflict 2.0 Box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone who reads my blog will know about this one, as I write weekly journals of my experiences through this massive, poor-trader-to-CEO space simulation. This game lets you do it all. And then some. Start out as an alien squid with everyone trying to kill you, and eventually make enough money and acquire big enough fleets so everyone is trying to kill them. Build complexes which produce illegal goods, or goods which help your race’s local economy and military efforts. Have fun while you’re at it.

X3 is actually a series of three games; X3: Terran Conflict is a standalone expansion and major update of X3: Reunion. X3: Albion Prelude is the newest game, or rather, non-standalone expansion of X3:TC.


ArmA II is a military simulation, and is known for it’s extremely popular zombie-survival-simulation DayZ mod (of which I will be doing a journal series of). I’ve been playing both the base Arma II and the expansions. They’re great games, and are very epic and realistic. The animations are great (especially in Operation Arrowhead and it’s expansions) and really add a great feel to the game. They all have huge maps, and you can be infantry or drive aircraft and tanks, and it’s all done extremely realistically.

Total War (Shogun 2 and Empire)

Of course, I’ve been a long time Total War fan, and have been playing the games since the first entry, Shogun: Total War. They

Shogun 2: Total War box art

Shogun 2: Total War box art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

offer pretty much the biggest battles in the gaming industry, with actual thousands of units onscreen at once, all rendered in painstaking detail. I’ve been enjoying both Empire and the newer Shogun 2: Total War games, both of which are fantastic.

I love the campaign parts of the game, so I always jump straight into those. I’ve been playing as the French in Empire, and I have to say, the huge scale of this game’s particular campaign map (it basically contains three normal Total War maps which you play on at the same time) amazes me, and a lot can happen per turn in this campaign.

Both the land and the naval battles are fantastic, and I much prefer Empire‘s naval battles to Shogun 2. Sorry, I like grapeshots over arrows. (Leave a comment about this below. Do you like Empire‘s or Shogun 2‘s naval battles better? I haven’t played Napoleon YET [it’s the only total war in the series I haven’t played] but you can comment on that too, if you want.)

As for Shogun 2, the battles in it are great, and up close it looks like a Kurosawa film. The detailed units and their animations are amazing. The game also seems to be pretty efficient on resources (for the most part), which is also a plus when you are looking at thousands of units charging at your screen.

Planetside 2

I’ve waited a long time to play this, and now that I have, I have to say it’s awesome. It may borrow a ton from Battlefield, especially 2142, but that can hardly be considered a bad thing.

This game is also free-to-play (actually. There are microtransactions, but they’re mainly used for cosmetic items and camos or for speeding up the levelling process. Otherwise, the free player can get everything the paying player can get, and some of the better things in the game can only be bought with the in-game free currency. I will say, though, that some things, like guns, will take a while to get, as you’ll have to save up. As long as you don’t suck, though, you should be good, especially with the new patch that fixes a ton of things and gives you some better rewards for tanks and such.) and it is in many ways better (holy pancakes on Pluto) than a game that you’d purchase on Steam (it’s on Steam, by the way, if you prefer) for fifty bucks. This is a full, triple-A game, and it is the biggest FPS game out there.

Screw your XBOX’s little 36-player bullberries. Actually, even screw the long-running 64 players that us PC gamers have had for years. Planetside 2 has two thousand.

See, this is actually an MMOFPS, much like the original Planetside. There are currently three continents (ubermaps, with one tiny little base being the size of your cute CoD and Counter-Strike maps) which are about 64 square kilometers each, and there are three factions, each of which can have up to 666 players per continent.

Now, maybe you’re like “virtually two thousand players spread out on an entire continent? Pffft”. Actually, since everybody herds towards the same spots, you’ll usually have very huge battles at a few different spots on the continent. On my server, the Crown — which is a tower high upon a cliff in the center of the continent — is almost always being fought over, and occasionally my faction (NC) will spawn an entire iron column consisting of maybe 120 tanks or more, with air and infantry support, and push them back, many times making a loop around to Zurvan Amp Station.

Another big place for shooting people is Allutum BioLab, which constantly exchanges hands between Terran and NC.

This is an amazing FPS, and has a great feel to it. It’s completely free, and offers the biggest battles of any FPS so far. You can check it out at www.planetside2.com or on Steam.

Path of Exile

This game is absolutely fantastic. That doesn’t even describe it. This game is a free-to-play (extremely unobtrusive, you would hardly know about the microtransactions if you didn’t look for them. Nothing which is pay-to-win, just cosmetic stuff. All of the actual game content is free. You’ll actually feel guilty if you didn’t buy something, because they give you an extremely great ARPG without really asking for much in return.) Action RPG which has been under construction for six years by a handful of people funding it out of their pockets. It has gorgeous, basically photo-realistic graphics, the biggest skilltree you’ve ever seen, and great combat and loot.

This game is less cartoon-ey or WoW-ey than Torchlight II or Diablo III, and the artstyle could be compared more to Diablo II or Baldurs Gate. It’s full 3D, NOT pre-rendered, but it looks so amazing it might as well have been pre-rendered by James Cameron’s team.

The game may start out more slowly than it’s ARPG brethren, but it quickly picks up the pace if you give it time, and it’s definitely a challenging game.

Whereas TL2 and D3 kind of just throw you in as basically a Deadric god, PoE makes it abundantly clear that if you aren’t smart, the enemies will shove a box of White Castle burgers up your toasterflarrflez. You ain’t running in going WHEEE WHEEE WHEEEE all the way (unless you got some really good loot and have levelled a ways above the enemies).

This is an MMO, so you will have to constantly be connected to the internet. The game is great, especially when you get a six player party together. There is a very good amount of loot, and your loot is your skills. You acquire gems from monsters and quests, and then you can put them in gear with a compatible gem slot. Sometimes, you’ll have a gem which affects another gem, such as Fork, which turns one of your skill arrow attacks into multiple arrows. You’ll require an item with two compatible slots (the slot types correspond to attributes, so there’s Dexterity, Strength and Intelligence slots) which are linked (not all items have linked slots).

Potions aren’t something you spam buy in town. You acquire special vials, which you drink part of each time you use one, and then when you kill monsters it refills those vials.

Passive skills are handled through a massive skilltree which allows you to branch into and basically be any class, mostly regardless of what classed you initially picked.

Loot can sometimes cover the floor of a dungeon, but this doesn’t happen that much early in the game. Not that there isn’t a good amount of loot at the start of the game, it just gets a lot lootier the more you play.

For instance, in the last dungeon in Act I, (it’s layed out similar to other RPGs. Currently there are three Acts, as it’s in Open Beta, but they’re going to add more. They have talked about having up to 10 Acts, which would fork out so each of your characters could go to different places.) I toggled the loot highlighting on, and my screen was filled with at least eighty variously-colored strings of text, each representing a piece of loot.

I hope you enjoyed this list, and maybe you checked out some of the games included. Please drop me a “like” and leave some comments on the games you like. I had a pre ordered version of Borderlands 2 for PS3 but then I got a PC instead of a PS3, so I’m going to have to exchange it or rebuy it. The reason I told you that is because I may add that to this list (or an updated edition) once I play it and shoot a lot of things in the face. Maybe you’ll see me in it 😉 Don’t still my loot, though. Bad things will happen if you do…

Also, be sure to follow and subscribe to my blog! I will be starting a DayZ journal soon, so be sure to watch for that.

Thanks for reading!


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