Coming Soon: Dog Makes Vendettas in DayZ

I’ve been playing ArmA II lately, as I love combat sims, and of course, DayZ was the one mod I really had to get. I wasn’t thinking of it, but my friend recommended that I do a journal of me getting killed, and possibly killing, in DayZ. I have it installed, but haven’t played it yet.

I thought this would be a great idea, because if there’s anyone who gets vendettas on other players in multiplayer games, it’s me. You repeatedly kill me in Planetside, Battlefield, or CS Portable, I will keep trying to kill you, and I eventually figure out a tactic to counter you. I will flashbang you and knife you in the face, and then do it a few times more. And if you counter that, I grab a shotgun and shoot your bunnyhopping flapjack in the dongleturtles.

Anyways, since I like shooting people who shoot at me, this will probably be entertaining, as I will probably die a ton load. And then you’ll get to read about “those fluffenutting bubblebasket snoogle fartles! I’m going to batter-ding their Mark Wahlbergs someday!”

And then you’ll get to giggle as I repeatedly get shot in the face by campers, and maybe sneak into their camp and shoot them in the face. I won’t shoot you unless you shoot me, or if I think you’re going to shoot me. Or, if you have a really good gun… and no one’s around… and you’re conveniently looking the other way… and my gun barrel is looking your way… and then your character is looking at the ground… >:D

So, I hope you’ll enjoy me making war on everyone on the server and ragequiting from getting killed through a wall by zombies. I’m just assuming that’s what will happen. See you then. I’m nervous. But the server is going to be nervous when “Dog G6 has joined the game” pops up on their chat, and they start teamspeaking about how screwed they are.


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