Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Chapter Four


Inside a turquoise sea, an artificial sea, a small, metal box floats at ridiculously high speeds through this sea which connects the stars together.

This small, insignificant little container travels towards a small point of light. This small point of light is the only escape from this sea. It’s a small point of light which gives purpose to this sea. It crates a tunnel through this sea, so somewhat intelligent — albeit many times immoral — creatures can use this sea upon a sea to access wildly remote places, without being limited by the speed restrictions normal space enforces on matter.

Now that I’ve run out of poetic creativity, I’ll just tell you that I went through a shiny round blue thing, and came out of another shiny round blue thing.


My Supply Mammoth is taking his time getting here. SETA time.

After a little while, the Mammoth comes through the gate. I tell him to deploy the station. Please don’t dance any more.

He doesn’t dance, and just puts the station down. Fweew. My station is deployed on the far side of the asteroid, which may be a problem for ships trying too dock while I’m in sector.


I has a station.

I have my own shop auto dock with my mine. I want to see if the AI freaks out or not.

The problem here, is that there’s another large asteroid right next to the one my mine is on. From the gate to Ore Belt, the autopilot will decide to travel straight past the Trade Station and between the two asteroids, which are conveniently just close enough to each other to scare the crabcakes out of the autopilot. This means that it takes a long time to get around to my station. I guess at least it eventually does.

I tell Trader Jo to get his snugglebobbins over here this stuffle-second. He does. I tell him to buy energy at the least stupid price, that way I have a four prevent chance of actually making money with my sucky silicon yield of nine.

I also buy some energy to help out. We’re going to needed a good amount of it, and out will take much longer if I don’t help. Back to Ore Belt.

Later, after I’ve established the resources and buy/sell prices, I go trade some more. And then some more. Once the mine starts getting traffic, I have Trader Jo go Universe Trade.

A real life day later…

Okay, this silicon mine isn’t the best investment I’ve ever made, but it does make profits sometimes, although slowly. I want to start baking Cahoonas.

I buy a Large Cahoona Bakery, load it onto a TL, and ship it to Herron’s Nebula. I remember those Argnu Beef Farms from when I first started trading. Really not that long ago.


My Cahoona bakery has some customers already!

It’s deployed. I should mention that I have more Mercury Haulers. Although this article may have been more interesting if I didn’t have a means of transporting goods.


I set my Murcurys to go buy things. They go buy things. I buy things. I sell the stuff I make. They sell the stuff I make. Other ships buy the stuff I make. I figure out WTF the stock trading mechanics are. I figure out how to use them. I write a guide on how to use them. You maybe use them. I make a buttertub of credits. I buy a Crystal Fab.

I also deploy this factory in Herron’s Nebula. More ships are bought and assigned to the Crystal Fab, and it makes me money.

I install the Official Bonus Pack, because it sounds cool, and useful. Learning how to use CAGs, Trader Jo starts managing the Crystal Fab, which has become the most profitable station I own. The bakery does help with that, though, as I don’t have to pay for food.

More stock trading. I start using the EgoSoft forums and their (mostly) useful guides, and discover that satellites allow you to trade stocks from anywhere. There’s an Advanced Satellite Factory in Argon Prime, which is where I stock trade anyways. Convenient.

I pigglywiggly those yummy sats. And then I gigglepig all shares of spacefuel on the Stock Exchange. I also buy some corporate stocks, which make me small amounts of profit.

I then set out in my Discoverer to map out the far corners of the universe. I want to start expanding my stock trading opportunities to include other race’s Exchanges.
I hope you enjoyed my journal. I know it came a little late in the day, because my wifi is out and I had to Swype this out on my phone, while being distracted by Zenonia 5. Yes, I will be reviewing that, although that may be a while, as X3 is still my primary game. I am level 40, so I will finish it soon. I’m probably telling this to the wrong demographic, but this is the main series I’m running, so I’m telling it here. Please “like” this article if it was awesome, and deeply consider following my blog or subscribing via email. Thank you very much for reading!


6 responses to “Dog Builds an Empire: X3 Albion Prelude Chapter Four

  1. Hey dude, great guides I have been reading! I am looking at making a bakery first and then others. I have spent 5 hrs into the game and made 25 million credits on the stock exchange. I have my discoverer still and im level one pretty much. Just a high trader level. I have no idea how to go about making factories and setting up trade routes for other you have a thorough guide on how to do all this?

    • The Ultimate edition of my Humble Merchant guide (if you’ve already read it) does have information on this… but I do see your point, I could be more specific in the areas about it.

      From the article: “Equip the Hauler with a TSE, BB and BS software. (See above) Have it run the ore routes with you, or go have it trade energy from Power Circle or Delaxian Wheat from Argon space to Boron space. You can tell it, in detail, what to do by highlighting it in the Property menu (R) and pressing C. Go to Trade and you’ll have your options there.”

      I also checked the forum sticky guide list for you, and found this really in-detail guide for automated trading. It looks pretty good to me, tell me if it’s useful to you

      For station building:

      It’s been a long time since I’ve played X3 (been playing Rebirth lately), so I’m sorry I can’t be more of use. The TL;DR is that for stations you hire a TL to pickup the station module (I believe from a shipyard) that you want, and then you command him to go to the sector you want, comm him and tell him to place it, then use the map to adjust placement of the station.

      For basic fully automated trading, you equip a freighter ship with Mk3 Trading Software if I remember right, and then you can use the interface talked about above to give it commands. The pilot will start as a Sector Trader, only trading in one sector. Once he trades a bit, he’ll get more efficient and upgrade to a Universe Trader, where he/she can then trade across any amount of sectors automatically (you can set restrictions for this of course)

      There are more complex things like CLS and CAGs if you have the Bonus Pack.

      I remember this guide to CLS which I had linked to from the DERP guide:

      I hope all of this helps you, if you have any more questions feel free to ask me and I’ll try my best to help 😀

      Thanks for reading my stuff as well! 😀

      • Hey man,

        Thanks for your reply,quick question.
        i didnt do the training mission in the beginning and have no idea how to start the storyline. Do you have any idea?

        My notoriety is low so i cant buy any ships its soo frustrating.

      • If I remember right (and this was for me playing Argon, so if you’re doing something else it may be the same or it may be different) you had to get your reputation up, which you can do by just trading (that’s how I did it) or missions. Once you get a high enough reputation (it didn’t take too long for me, once you have some traders going) then you’ll be contacted about the first mission of the plotline.

        Hope this helps, again, sorry it’s been awhile (also sorry for the late reply, I just got back home from a trip)

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