Dog Can Play Hardcore Games Again

I’ve been keeping quiet for the past month, partly because I hate mobile keyboards, partly because my WiFi sucks, and partly because I’ve been playing tons of PC games so I can write about them.

Of course, with me and my rig returning to the realm, I have to get all my favorite series: Silent Hunter, Total War, and X3. I have Silent Hunter IV, with the Operation Monsun mod installed, which expands the game a ton, essentially adding the Atlantic and a ton of new awesomeness along with it. Empire: Total War and Total War: Shogun 2 were also essential, as I’ve been a fan of TW since the original game, Shogun: Total War. And then, of course, All three X3s. On the latter I’ve mainly been playing Albion Prelude, but I intend to play through Reunion and even more excitingly, Terran Conflict, mainly for the story, but also to try out tons of different starts, so I can eventually write a guide for each one. I’m also very excited for Rome II: Total War and X: Rebirth. The only TW I have left to play now is Napoleon.

I will be writing journals for the Operation Monsun mod for Silent Hunter IV, X3, and maybe Total War, if that’s something you guys would like. Please, do give me some feedback in the comments below on if you would like a Total War journal, or if you know some good mods for Silent Hunter IV, or if you happen to make mods, I’d be glad to check them out and possibly review them.


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