Dog’s Pokémon Crystal Adventures: Part 7

This is the seventh part of my Pokémon Crystal journal. You can read the first part here and the sixth part here. In the last part, we went Jacky Chan on some thugs, got a coincase, won at slot machines, and caught a Beedrill in the Tuesday National Park competition north of Goldenrod City.

We head back to Goldendrod. It’s time to take on the Gym. The Goldenrod City Gym specializes in Normal type Pokémon. I walk in, and there’s the guy who’s at the front entrance to all the Gyms. He has advice. Neat.

We go around this labyrinth of trainers. I do them all, just to get some XP and money. Then I make it to Whitney Houston. Just kidding. Her name is Whitney” though.

I am actually extremely proud of my simple yet effective strategy for this fight. I just spammed Rage the entire time with my Croconaw. The reason for this, is Whitney has a Miltank. It can heal itself by drinking it’s own milk, which is disturbing. And it can do some good damage, especially if it starts chaining Rollout. But, I was able to carry over my Rage from her Clefairy and then use it on her Miltank, and it was built up enough that if she healed, it wouldn’t accomplish much, because I’d smash it’s face in with Rage right afterwards.


I Can Out-Spam Your Miltank.

Now I have my third badge! Now, I’m going to go put my Slowpoke I caught earlier — which I forgot to tell you about — in the daycare. And then, I ride back and forth across town a few times. And then I come back, and my Slowpoke has leveled two whole levels!

Next, I go see some girl in a house and she says her sister went off alone to go see some wiggley tree thing. Uh oh. That doesn’t sound good. She gives me a water bottle to pour on the wiggley thing. Oh yeah I bet you developers were laughing really hard when you made this part of the game. Over a decade ago.

Then, I walk up the long path towards the National Park, enter it, go east, and fight a trainer. Then I get to go pour water on wiggly things. And the wiggly thing goes wild and attacks. Stop your ROFLing. Gosh you’re so immature. 😉

If you want to complete your Pokédex, make sure to catch this Pokémon, as it’s the only time you’ll be able to catch it in the game. It’s called Psuedowoodo, I think that’s the correct spelling.

I catch it. I have now opened the way to Ecruteak City.

Thanks for reading! In the next part, we explore Ecruteak, head back to Goldenrod to get a very special Pokémon, and do stuff.

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