Dog’s Pokémon Crystal Adventures: Part 6

This is the sixth part of my Pokémon Crystal Journal. You can read the first part here and the fifth part here. In the last part, we battled Judge Judy, traveled through a dark forest that was dark enough to make me question my gamma settings, got another egg, hatched my first egg, and entered Goldenrod city.

Since I cliffhung you at the end of last episode, I’ll finally tell you what came out of the egg. Anyone who’s played the game a decent amount will know what comes out of it. This is also the first Pokémon egg that can be acquires in the whole game series. It contains… roll those drums… Togepi. This isn’t that good of a Pokémon right now, although it does evolve into Togetic if you raise it’s happyness high enough, and if you’re playing a Generation IV or newer game, it can be evolved even further with a Shiny Stone.

Goldenrod City is actually a pretty big city. I heal up at its Pokémon center, and then I go north over the traintracks, and then east, where there’s a kid trying to find a bikeshop. You definitely don’t want to pass this up in your playthrough. Go south from him, down into the neighborhood. At the end, you should find the bikeshop. You can get a free bike from here, which will be extremely helpful for the rest of the game, as it allows you to go pretty fast. Useful for wingin’ it past trainers.

I then go towards the west side of town, and I find the Gamecorner. Sounds fun. The dude at the counter says I’ll need a coincase. I go talk to a guy standing near the slot machines, and he says he’s lost his coincase in the underground tunnels. Ah, that’s an effective way from keeping kids from gambling. “Well, kid, if you want to use the slot machines, you’re gonna have to go down in the subway and take on an army of thugs like you’re Jacky Chan or somethin’.”

Well, I suppose my character is a kid. Welp, I think I’ve watched enough Jacky Chan. Let’s do this.

I go out of the building, and I find the underground tunnels. I believe it was just next to the arcade, but I’m not sure. It’s on the west side of town, I know that for sure. You’ll figure it out, there’s only like three roads to go down on the west part.

I enter at the north entrance to the tunnels; yes, there’s multiple entrances. Using my Growlithe, I Bruce Lee a couple of thugs who want to see my Pokémon really bad, and then I find the coincase.

Okay, that was easy. Fweew, I was expecting like some huge subway system like Anarchy Online or something. I also gave my Togepi a haircut at the barbershop down here. Then I leave and head back to the Gamecorner.

Once back at the Gamecorner, I buy fifty coins. I then proceed to lose almost thirty games, until I hit two sevens, and the rightmost one I stop too early. But then Patrick the Starfish falls out of the sky several times and bumps the last seven all of the way around into place. Jackpot.


In an era before Voltorb Flip...

I now have over three hundred coins. You can get some Pokémon from the Gamecorner, but you’ll need to do really good. There’s also a Roulette-type game on the right side of the building, which may be sort of easier to play, as you can set your odds. But the better the odds, the less you gain.

Next, I go north, out of town, and go fight tons of trainers. The first is a boyfriend and girlfriend. I beat them both. Then there’s some more people. I also beat them. My Croconaw is about level twenty at this point, and my Growlithe isn’t far behind. I then head east and then south through the grass behind the fence, and grab some goodies.

Then, I return to the road, and continue north into the building. There’s apparently a Bug Pokémon catching contest going on, since it’s Tuesday. Well that’s lucky.

Okay, I’ll do that. I can only use one Pokémon for this. I pick Gruffles, who is my Growlithe. They give me twenty Park Balls, and then I journey out into the National Park. I go ride my bike through the grass. And then I run into an army of Metapods.

I conclude that these are not the best Bug Pokémon I could find here. I instead just run from these, until I find a Beedrill. I get him down to about thirty percent health, and then use a Park Ball. It fails. I use another. Fail. Ball. Fail. Ball. Success.

My new Beedrill gets third. Okay I’ll take it. I can’t imagine that I’d have been lucky enough to successfully catch anything bigger, even if If I did find it.

Thanks for reading! In the next part, we take on the Goldenrod Gym, and one annoying Gym leader. Hope to see you then! Please, “like” this article if you enjoyed it, and subscribe to my blog for more! What Pokémon did you catch in the National Park Bug Pokémon competition? What did it place? Tell me in the comments below! You can also follow me on Twitter @Dog_G6.

I’m starting to catch up to where I currently am in the game, and that is trying to catch a Ghastly near Ecruteak. Yup, a nice sneak peak into the future. I need to hurry up and catch that annoying little *fwoop*, because he’s starting to annoy the *shoop* out of me with his five percent night time encounter rate. And then he’ll probably use Curse when I’m trying to catch him, and it won’t end well for any party involved.


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