Dog’s Pokémon Crystal Adventures: Part 5

This is the fifth part of my Pokémon Crystal journal. You can read the first part here, and the fourth part here. In the last episode, we went through caves, finally returned to the Grass Patch of Legends and caught a Growlithe, named him Gruffles, saved the Slowpokes from Team Rocket, and beat the Azalea Town Gym.

Awesome yeaaah! We’re leavin’ for Goldenrod City! Just have to get through that forest. Goodbye everyone! I’m leaving! ………. Okay then, I’m leaving now!

I’m leaving, and Tribec comes running up. “Tell me something. Is it true that Team Rocket has returned? What? You beat them? Hah! Quit lying. You’re not joking? Then let’s see how good you are.”

Now, I save everytime I heal at a Pokémon center. This is a good thing for me, because I had got beaten by him a few times before my Pokémon were strong enough to beat him. One time I had spaced out while playing and I walked right into the event trigger, and I was ready to strangle Tribec after that.

So, travelling back in time with the power of save mechanics, I leveled up my Growlithe, and he gained Ember, and I leveled up my other Pokémon. I have four Pokémon at this point, plus that Pokémon egg from Professor Elm.

I use my Croconaw, Bubblez, for Tribec’s Ghastly, and “water it down.” For his Bayleef, I bring out Gruffles (my Growlithe) and use Ember to “burn it up.” And then comes his Zubat, which I use Bubblez for, to so he can get some more XP. Gruffles does level up from this fight, so that’s a plus.

“Humph! Useless Pokémon! Listen, you only won because my Pokémon were weak. I hate the weak. Pokémon, trainers. It doesn’t matter who or what. I’m going to be strong and wipe out the weak. That goes for Team Rocket too. They act big and tough in a group. But get them alone, and they’re weak. I hate them all. You stay out of my way. A weakling is only a distraction.” And then he walks off.

Sheesh, finally Judge Judy here shuts up. Is “weak” his favorite word? Probably. That was actually kind of a stupid question. Yay, on with my adventure! Save the game!

I leave town, and I’m greeted with a very dark forest. I check the game clock to see if it was night, but nope, it’s just dark in here. I go a little ways in, and there’s a person. They need me to go catch their Farfetch’d. I go find it, and chase it all the way back. They give me the HM for Cut. I use that on my Croconaw. I then use it to make my way out of the forest. By watching Chuggaaconroy videos, I figure out that I actually missed something in here, which is a person that you can get the ability to headbump trees with, to make certain Pokémon fall out of them.

Then, after I finally make it out of the forest, there’s tons of trainers. I fight through them, and stop in at a building on the side of the road. There’s a man and a women in there, and they inform me that this is a daycare. They also give me an egg. Coincidentally, my other egg hatches right after I enter Goldenrod city.

Thanks for reading! In the next part, we get a bike, gamble, and catch a Bug-type Pokémon at the competition in the National Park north of Goldenrod.

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